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EB-850 WIred and wireless pstn alarm panelEB-850 WIred and wireless pstn alarm panel

EB-850 WIred and wireless pstn alarm panel

  • 8 wired & 16 wireless
  • Dimension:   256*236*69mm    
  • Operating Voltage:  220v  
  • Operating Current:  ≤50mA                                           
  • Alarm Current:   ≤200mA                              
  • Communicating format:   ADMCO4+2, CID   
  • Recording Time:   10~20 sec   
  • Material:   steel box and ABS keypad   
  • Wired Alarm Input:  NO/NC  
  • Frequency :433MHz /315MHz(2262 coding chip)

Name  16 wireless 8 wired pstn alarm panel
 Model  EB-850
 Metal case dimension  256×236×69(mm)
 Keypad size  159mm×138mm×33mm
 Power supply   220V AC±10%/ 50Hz
 Static current  ≤50mA(when not charging)
 Alarm current  ≤200mA
 Output power  12v~15vDC/≤1.5A
 Siren output  12v ≤400mA
 Wired and Wireless zones  16 wireless zones and 8 wired zones
 Distance  between Metalcase and wired keypad  ≤30m
 Working temperature  -10~+70℃
 Working humidty   <97%
 System Wireless Frequency  315Mhz/433Mhz(2262 coding chip)(optional)
 Communicating format  ADMCO4+2,CID
 Recording Time  10~20s
 Material  Steel box and ABS Keypad
 Wired Alarm Input  NO/NC

The alarm system with wireless and wired PSTN function.Home alarm system parts and anti theft shop alarm 
system wireless control panel is protect your house safety.

1.high speed digital communication ,
2.different programmable settings,such as alarm sounds,zone types,recording, monitoring, remote controlling,
   telephone number,phone line check,and etc
3.8 ARM modes,exit ARM boundary ARM ,single zone ARM,delay ARM,remote ARM and preset time ARM
4. 6 DIAARM modes : single zone DISARM keypad password DISARM, long distance DISARM,remote setting
   DISARM ,DISARM when connecting alarm
5. 8 zone modes ,instant zone delay zone 24 hours zone, boundary zone, fire alarm zone ,gas-check zone, and
   by-pass zone
6. remote control function external monitor, monitoring from long-distance
7. emergency search record record ,it can save 50 records information "watch dog "function to avoid system down
8.telephone line fault detection function :system will alarm when phone line is cut off or short.
9. the alarm dialling is in priority
10. back up DC 12V 7Ah rechargeable battery supprt work when AC power cut off
11. with eight -way output module can be customized output:linkage output; remote output (mainly used in linked with the
    monitoring ,control home appliance, lamp )

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