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company culture



SMQT people will always treat each customer with a grateful heart and integrity;
With boundless enthusiasm to the fullGo to help customers;

Always ensure that the interests of customers ...
And used to promote growth in the number of quality assurance;
Establish a simple, clear objectives to customer-centric ...
And constantly update and improve;
We strive to be the best global supplier of security ...

SMQT pursuit
SMQT rely on bit by bit in the security field, the painstaking pursuit of perseverance,
So that we become a leader in the security industry. We will be unceasing optimization of our products,
Improve our services, we enrich the connotation of harmony through the power transmission market, the internal mechanism is always active.


SMQT Values
For the outstanding culture of social communication, to provide customers with quality products, hard work and constant innovation, the pursuit of excellence, to enhance the value of life for all.

SMQT Quality Concept
Quality is the most basic conditions for survival of our business, to "strict, detailed, real, constant" for the purpose, and constantly improve the quality standards: There is no best, only better!


SMQT mission

Continuous innovation, leading the development of China's security industry, providing customers with the most competitive products and one-stop service!