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How to buy a home burglar alarm products

  • Author:SMQT
  • Source:Network
  • Release on:2016-05-13

[Abstract] home burglar alarm product is the use of various types of peripheral functions detectors, space, environment and people's overall housing tenants protection security systems. The following finishing home burglar alarm products and thirteen nine Purchase of common sense precautions, for we can reference in the purchase of products to choose the right home burglar alarm products.

 Home alarm system,PIR senso,Wireless Magnetic contact, Remote control    

Home burglar alarm products Purchase of common sense 1: Wireless home burglar alarm products are preferred

     Why choose wireless it? I believe we Before installing anti-theft alarm, the family is certainly a good decoration, and each line includes a well-organized telephone lines, cable, etc. are processed at this time if you buy a wired burglar alarm products, you have devoted yourself painstaking renovation to be destroy not say, some lines in the room walked too unsightly, the most terrible is that once the main line has been cut off, the alarm is completely useless.


Home burglar alarm products 2 Purchase of common sense: to have a certain "to fight against" capability

     If you encounter some seasoned thief, just like the movie of "Thief", it is possible to think of your home to install anti-theft alarm products, the first thought is certainly first to destroy the alarm. If your home alarm "fragile" does not make sense, so to be able to select before the total destruction of alarms burglar alarm products.


Home burglar alarm products Purchase of common sense 3: remote monitoring is very important

     As the saying goes, better do it than wish it done, family circumstances appear to others as their own is certainly a good deal, so the use of remote monitoring alarm is particularly important, you can connect the alarm cable and telephone lines, unusual circumstances arise once the home , the alarm can be the first time to tell you, you can be ready to disarm by phone, arming.


Home burglar alarm products Purchase of common sense 4: Host To maintain the "battery life"

    What is most depressing is that? When the alarm is nothing more than the usual home safe working properly, once the home really "guest", and it does not work because of power outages caused by the burglary, so there must be full preparations to prepare for the emergence of special circumstances, which requires the host located inside there are "built-in battery", which starts when the battery power to keep the alarm is working.


Home burglar alarm products Purchase of common sense 5: To set a good password

     Families with children of friends, should buy with a password protection function alarms, naughty child, curious, while you do not pay attention to anti-theft alarm settings changed more harm than good.


Home burglar alarm products 6 Purchase of common sense: be prepared for multiple remotes

     If your family members are more then preparing a plurality of remote control is necessary, if you put the remote control lost or taken away by others do not have a headache, you only need to remove the remote control you can use other a.


Home burglar alarm products Purchase of common sense 7: big emergency action

    If the home has a physically very weak old people and children, you can choose the kind of help with the remote control button, easy to operate and save time.


Home burglar alarm products Purchase of common sense 8: Stability is the key

   This is the choice we can not ignore the alarm to one aspect, which is called "stability", in fact, refers to the accuracy of the alarm alarm, not too "sensitive", the occasional one or two false positives is understandable, but every day you come to a false positive, then your life will not be at peace, and do not worry if not installed yet.


Home burglar alarm products Purchase of common sense 9: multi-zone and more convenient

    Select multiple zones home burglar alarm products reason is that each zone is independent of the system, you are free to log in and delete detectors, if a probe is damaged, a new one will be able to log in again, do not affect the situation as a whole.

 Home alarm system,PIR senso,Wireless Magnetic contact, Remote control


    The market for in-home burglar alarm security products was mixed, in order to enable customers to avoid misunderstanding, choose a real cheap alarm, the following is thirteen Note:

1, whether it is regular factory authorized dealer, general formal channels are often able to offer better prices, quality service and quality products.

2, product packaging: whether the product contains the name, address, and contact mark? If there are no missing or draw your attention to the three non-product, or whether it is fake and shoddy products, because the regular manufacturers of products must be above packaging.

3, alarm host, infrared detectors, door whether certified national mandatory 3C certification, 3C certification of security products must pass, exported to foreign countries also need CE, RoSH certification, which is the most important factor to ensure product quality.

4, the host adapter is built-alarm, the provisions of the host country 3C transformer must be internal, external is not possible through the national 3C test.

5, if the built-in alarm siren? The external siren alarm security is relatively low.

6, the host police and infrared detectors and anti-tamper whether the switching element? No such self-protection is relatively poor, vulnerable to vandalism.

7, infrared detector anti glare feature? See if this hardware, the device can prevent glare false positives.

8, if the infrared detector has its own temperature compensation? See if this hardware, the device can prevent false alarms caused by temperature changes.

9, infrared detector circuit board has a frequency stabilization element? This element can be prevented by a magnetic field pulse with frequency, high frequency, sound and other signals caused by false positives.

10, with or without low power prompts and related components? This function can be prevented by a low voltage instability or false alerts caused.

11, with or without the use of micro-power design? Whether the power saving mode and standard mode? Battery use this feature to the Director

12, infrared detectors whether to provide 9-12V DC input interface, a dual power supply, ensure that the detector can not be intermittent work, reduce the hassle of replacing batteries.

13, infrared detector used battery type? Generally block battery or a rechargeable lithium battery.