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How to choose Standalone control Keypad

  • Author:SMQT
  • Source:Network
  • Release on:2016-05-16

  Quality and performance advantages and disadvantages of Standalone Access control keypaddirectly affects the stability of the access control system, and the stability of the system will directly affect the user's access control system work and daily life, and even affect the lives and property of the user. Standalone Access control keypadcurrently on the market a number of products, features almost the same, but the quality is uneven. So the user product selection is very important. So how to choose high-quality access one machine? The following four aspects to Standalone Access control keypadproduct selection to do a brief introduction:


Product quality certification 

  Check the manufacturer's quality certification authority, view the product test reports provided by the manufacturer of the authority of the quality of government regulatory agencies. And pay attention to verify the authenticity of these documents, there is a corresponding quality third-party certification and surveillance products have a number of safeguards.

Product self-protection

   Reader input circuits require anti-surge, anti wrongly protect the user during the construction, often live wiring or commissioning, may be due to accidental negligence, wrong or careless reader line cause local short, if no anti-surge and anti-wrong connection protection, it is easy to burn a central processing chip, causing damage to the entire controller failure, you need to return the factory maintenance, may delay the construction period, increase construction costs. Good protection can be made even when the power is connected reader data terminals will not burn out the circuit. Reader can be avoided because of quality problems affect the normal operation of the controller through dynamic voltage surge protection. 

Software Products

   Applications should be simple, practical, easy to operate if the application control program, will undoubtedly increase the user customer training costs and time, the customer is not easy to master the operation of the software will vent their anger on the user's service attitude is not good to bring receipts and renewals will Impact. Customers do not understand the software can easily lead to misuse, causing practical inconvenience. It is recommended that users must pay attention to the choice of Standalone Access control keypadwhen the software operation is simple and intuitive and convenient.


  Design communication circuits should have self-test function, for large systems interconnection networking needs Standalone Access control keypadis typically 485 industrial bus architecture networking, usually many manufacturers from cost savings considerations, the choice max485487 or 1487 chips, which load capacity is weak, usually the maximum load capacity is 32 sets of equipment, and if the bus if there is a communication chip damage will affect the entire communication line newsletter, and you can not find exactly what station controller chip damage. Similar max3080 recommended high-grade communications and integrated circuit chip, the circuit includes a self-test function, if the chip is damaged, the system will automatically disconnect the connection to him, so that the control device on the bus the other normal communication.

   More than four points, access control is to select one product should pay attention to basic issues, combined with the majority of users should choose their own products in the actual reference to the above considerations, choose the right products.