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How to select Door closer product

  • Author:SMQT
  • Source:Network
  • Release on:2016-05-17

     Door closers is the head of a spring-like hydraulic device when the door is opened by compression after the release, the door shuts, have a role as a spring door, you can ensure the door is open, accurate and timely close to the initial position . Modern hydraulic door closers (referred closers) began in the early twentieth century Americans registered a patent, which is different from the traditional door closers, it is closed by the liquid in the throttle to achieve a cushioning effect . Hydraulic door closers core design idea is to achieve control of the process of closing, the closing process to make the various functions of the indicators can be adjusted according to the needs. Significance lies not only behind closed doors automatically close the door, but also to protect the door frame and the door (smooth closed), more importantly, behind closed doors has become a modern building can not be ignored intelligent management of the operative part. Door Closers is mainly used in commercial and public buildings, but there is also the case for use at home. They have many uses, where the main purpose is to make the door shut itself down, to limit the spread of fire and ventilation within the building.


     Door closer working principle

     The basic element of the hydraulic door closers, a support guide, transmission gear, the return spring, check valve, plunger rack, the throttle valve core and shell, cover, seals and rod. Housing and a link to play the role of fixing and connecting door closers and door frames.

     Door closer working principle: When open, the door drive rod movement, and transmission gears, rack drive piston moves to the right. In the process of the right plunger spring is compressed, the right chamber of the hydraulic oil is also under pressure. Check valve ball plunger under the action of hydraulic pressure to the left of the opening, the right chamber through the check valve the hydraulic oil flows in the left chamber. When the process is complete open the door, since the spring is compressed during the opening, the accumulated elastic energy is released, Wang Zuoce push the plunger, driven gear and closers rotation of the link, so that the door is closed. In the spring release process, since the hydraulic oil chamber of the left door closer is compressed, the one-way valve is closed, the hydraulic oil can flow out through the gap between the housing and the piston, and via an orifice and the plunger 2 Article throttle valve core equipped with a flow path back into the right chamber. Therefore, the hydraulic oil on the spring release constitutes a resistance, that is, through the throttle to achieve a buffering effect, the door closed speed is controlled. The throttle valve body can be adjusted to control the different travel segments, variable closing speed. Although there are differences between different manufacturers of door closers structure, size, but the principle is the same.

     Door closers Category

      Category closers can be divided into: exterior and embedded door top closers, embedded door closers, behind closed doors at the end (spring), vertical door closers (built vertical closed doorstop) and other types of door closers.

      Door closers use and select notice

      Door closers must meet the national standard GB2698-2005, for the purpose of fire door closers should also meet GA93-1995 "fire door closers test" requirements.

    Closers selection factors that should be considered are: weight of the door, door width, door opening frequency and use requirements with the use of the environment. The width of the weight of the door and the door closers is to select models of the most important factors that have a common door fire doors, wooden doors, aluminum doors, glass doors, steel doors. Typically low weight of the door, on the choice of the power of smaller models, and vice versa. The door is the frequency factor and product quality is closely related to the use of frequent occasions, the sealing performance of the product should be required to better, long life. 

1) whether the need to open the door after door with automatic stop function;

2) damping and function - results in a rapid opening to a certain position after damping buffer, and the buffer damping force and scope can adjust itself according to requirements; This function is used to prevent rapid force open the door or lock wall collision or emergency escape when people prevent weight loss during fast forward while the door is inclined to the ground.

3) Slow closing delay - door position from the maximum door began to close slowly uniform, can be infinitely adjusted as required. Suitable for use in and out frequently and crowded places, especially hospitals, the elderly, children and people with disabilities out of the door and the channel to use.

4) closing force can be adjusted - can be used on a wide range of door and door weight is very different door installation, as well as for environmental reasons greater resistance to close the place. Freely stepless adjustment can be satisfied with the closing force, particularly for use in the coastal city, travel and other wind impact resistance closed (the door by force) often change places.

5) the temporary closure of the damping reset function performance (vertical door closers) - When turned at any angle, speed control valve should be closed temporarily suspend damping reset function.

6) safely and quickly closed super damping performance (vertical door closers) - Close any angle in the course of a sudden external force is applied, should be able to safely and quickly closed.

7) Environment: fire protection requirements and minus 35 ° in winter under frost site requirements.

Usually behind closed doors selected according to the manufacturer's product specifications, according to the different force size or strength can be adjusted to fit different sizes of door size and weight. Door quality / size, the ability to size number, recommended door width, the door mass tests are important considerations