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Emergency resettable alarm button

  • Author:Snoppy Huang
  • Source:SMQT
  • Release on:2019-01-09

Emergency resettable alarm button

      Emergency resettable alarm button,it can be installed in the fire hydrant box as a fire hydrant alarm button, or it can be installed in the automatic fire alarm system and the access control system. It is generally installed in an obvious and easy to operate part. When the wall-mounting method is used, the height of the bottom margin should be 1.3m~1. 5m, and there should be obvious signs.

      The fire alarm button can be divided into a glass break button and a resettable alarm button according to the trigger mode. Currently, the most used is the resettable alarm button.

      At least one manual fire alarm button should be placed for each fire compartment. The walking distance from any location within a fire zone to the nearest manual fire alarm button should not be greater than 30m. The manual fire alarm button should be placed at the evacuation channel or at the entrance and exit. The manual fire alarm button set on the train should be set at the entrance and exit and the middle of each car.