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What is an infrared sensor

What is an infrared sensor Infrared sensing system is used for the infrared measurement system for the medium, according to the function can be divi...

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What is an infrared sensor

What is an infrared sensor

Snoppy Huang CPS Encyclopeida 2016-07-22 15:04:15
   What is an infrared sensor
   Infrared sensing system is used for the infrared measurement system for the medium, according to the function can be divided into five categories, according to the detection mechanism can be divided to become photon detectors and thermal detectors. Infrared sensing technology has been widely used in modern science and technology, defense, and industrial and agricultural fields.
   Speed ​​infrared technology in the system has been widely used, many products use infrared technology enables the vehicle speed detection research. When infrared applications velocity measurement, the most difficult to overcome is the source of interference by the strong sunlight and other containing infrared. The interference of external infrared light source used in the field to become the bottleneck. To solve this problem, there is proposed an infrared speed sensor design, this design can provide technical support for multi-point measurement of the instantaneous speed and acceleration phase, and be used in highway speed and the speed of the production line material weighing and other industrial production needs to be measured speed link.
Infrared ray tube driven into the type and level-two pulse-driven approach. By the infrared beam tube array of separate type photoelectric sensor. The innovation of the sensor is able to resist external light interference. Sunlight contains infrared receiver tube infrared interference, the light can be infrared receiver diode conduction, the system misjudgment, or even cause the entire system to a standstill. Advantage of this sensor is the ability to set up multiple-point acquisition, on the radio tube array spacing and the number of arrays can be selected according to requirements.
  Infrared technology is already well known in this technology in the field of modern science and technology, national defense science and technology, industry and agriculture, science and technology has been widely used. Infrared sensing system is used for the infrared measurement system for the medium, according to the function can be divided into five categories: (1) radiometer for measuring radiation and spectroscopy; (2) search and track system for infrared search and track targets, OK its spatial position and its movement tracking; (3) thermal imaging system, which can produce images of the entire distribution of infrared radiation; (4) infrared range and communication systems; (5) hybrid system, the system refers to the above categories the combination of two or more thereof.
Infrared sensor detection mechanism can be divided according to become: a photon detector (based on the photoelectric effect) and heat detectors (based on thermal effects).
Target to be detected
  An infrared radiation characteristics of the object to be tested can be set of infrared systems.

Atmospheric attenuation
  When the infrared radiation measured target through the Earth's atmosphere due to scattering and absorption of gas molecules and gases as well as various sol particles will make the infrared radiation emitted by the infrared source is attenuated.

Optical Receiver
   Part of the infrared radiation it receives and transmits the target to the infrared sensor. Equivalent radar antenna, common objective lens.

Radiation modulator
   Optical radiation modulated radiation from an alternating test objectives, provide a target location information, and can filter out the interference signal a large area. Also known as the chopper and the chopper, which has a variety of configurations.

Infrared Detectors
   This is the core of infrared system. It is the physical effects of the use of infrared radiation interacts with matter the presentation of detecting infrared radiation sensor, in most cases is the use of such interaction by showing electrical effects. Such detectors and photon detectors can be divided into two types of heat-sensitive detector.

Detector Cooler
   Because some detectors must operate at low temperatures, so the corresponding system must have refrigeration equipment. After cooling, the device may shorten the response time, improve the detection sensitivity. The signal processing system. The detected signal is amplified, filtered, and extract information from these signals. This information is then transformed into the desired format, and finally delivered to the control device or display. The display device. This is a terminal device infrared device. Common oscilloscope display, CRT, infrared-sensitive material, indicating instruments and recording instrument.
  Infrared system to complete the corresponding measured quantities. Infrared system is the core of infrared detectors, according to different detection mechanisms can be divided into thermal detectors and photon detectors into two categories. The following heat detectors to analyze the principle of the detector as an example. Heat detectors is the use of radiant heat effect, so after receiving radiation detection element caused by temperature, thereby enabling the detector temperature dependent performance change. Wherein a change detection performance, can detect radiation. In most cases by a change in the thermoelectric probe radiation. When the element receiving radiation, causing physical changes non-power, it is possible through the appropriate transformation measuring the corresponding change in power.
Infrared sensor technology in surveillance camera applications
   Infrared sensors have played a great role in the modernization of its production practice, with the improvement of detection equipment and other parts of the technology, infrared sensors can have more performance and better sensitivity. Due to customer demand and growing interest in the technology presents significant market potential, many distributors and systems integrators looking for a useful supplement through video analysis of their products. Customers may be interested to learn about video analysis of the feasibility of an alternative to traditional products as infrared sensors. Performance, reliability and price competitiveness video analysis of the past few years has made a great leap forward, you will naturally consider not only detect, but also visually verify and identify security threats in the system, instead of a large number of sensors .

The system is more stable
  Let's take a look at the video analysis compared, IR sensor. The key parameters are necessary to ensure that the detection area of ​​the video analysis or infrared sensors. Infrared sensor dependent on the outdoor environment, poor tolerance to climatic conditions detection area. In the winter, such as running, infrared sensors can detect intruders in the range of 21 meters, in the summer, this distance will be shortened to only 10 meters detection range, a decrease of 50%. Video analysis and comparison, is not dependent on the heat generated by a different goal, which is no limit defects. No matter how the weather changes, year-round in the same detection range. Further, since the other independent region of the infrared sensor, can only limit a single detection area, which can be, for example, in public places, such distinction. On the other hand, you can configure multiple different video analysis activity detection area, idle detection area and the non-activity detection zone, the detection zone without surveillance cameras in the field is ignored, but the scope of activities in the area;
When the system detects an alarm when the non-work area (pre-alarm area) is defined as a field of activity, but only in the active region, the active region only input. For example, it may be separated in public places and private areas wall. In this case, it will be classified as inactive or warning zone, an area of ​​public private protected areas. Ignore events in the public domain, unless the intruder tried to climb the fence of the active area, in this case, it will immediately alert. This will allow you to ignore harmless nearby private regional activities, but also has a high probability of detection, faster response times and fewer false alarms.
Various detection
  Intrusion detection, video analysis can also achieve a myriad of other applications, such as unattended luggage, parking violations, mobile patrols objects, climb fences, cross the line, in the wrong direction. Some systems allow multiple applications simultaneously enter a single surveillance camera. In addition, the reliability of intrusion detection systems play an important role. Infrared sensors, to achieve basic intrusion detection, video analysis can provide instant feedback system status, and tamper detection open "a new chapter." For example, fog can not be detected, the system will remind the poor visibility. In addition, the system can be in any other state, including the loss of a video signal, the video signal is the difference between the position and the obstacle alarm transmission, surveillance camera. Infrared sensors, any failure, resulting in video analysis is difficult to bypass. Until now, the longer infrared sensor mounting more time to install than the video analysis techniques. Video analysis requires less time and more advanced technology is set to make installation easier.