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Building Automation Systems

  • Author:Helen Li
  • Source:SMQT
  • Release on:2016-07-12

Building  Automation Systems 

Building  Automation Systems can be considered as a tool in the hand sof building operations personnel that provide samore effective and efficient control over all building systems.Today,Build-ing Automation Systems(BAS) are a widely accepted and adopted technology through homes,buildings,residential and industrial complexes.BAS are concerned withim proving the interaction among integrated systems and the habitants/usersofthe buildings.Historically BAS were developed from automatic control of HVAC(heating,ventilation,air-conditioning)systems,simultaneously improving human comfortand reducing energycosts.In the last decades several other domains were added to BAS: telecommuni-cations,office automation,computer building management,secu-rity,among others. Energy consumption is the domain where intelligent building sresear chershave devoted more efforts in the last years,forced by the legal power restrictions and increasing economic burden associated with energy usage.