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Burglar Alarm Products Related Tips

  • Author:Snoppy Huang
  • Source:CPS Encyclopedia
  • Release on:2016-07-15
Burglar alarm products related tips 

   Burglar alarm now more widely applied, many users of the package of anti-theft alarm specific composition of what things what role, as well as some commonly used terms are played or will feel very confused. So we have to answer some questions often hear.

    1. What is the anti-theft alarm system? 
    Anti-theft alarm system is to use the various functions of the detector to the surrounding space, environment and people's overall defense area protection alarm system.

    2. What is the detector? 

    Detector is current, pulse and other signals using a sensor sensing various physical changes, chemical changes produced to promote the RF circuit emits an alarm signal.

    3. What is the sensor sensitivity?
    Detection distance and speed of response speed, high sensitivity sensors, at great distances from the detector can be detected, the sensor sensitivity is low, it can only detect the close distance range refers detector alarm is triggered.

    4. Host security and the role of work
    The control panel is the core of the alarm system. It is used to receive the alarm signal sent by the detector while timely feedback; host after receiving the alarm signal, will produce high-decibel alarm sound, and it will dial out by means of a mobile network by the masters of their own multiple sets of alarm settings phone.

    5. What is the door sensor detectors? How does it work? 

    Magnetic induction detector is used to open and close the doors and windows. Usually wooden door magnetic contact, window magnetic contact, shutter door sensor,  iron magnetic contact. Its principle is to use a magnet to control the opening and closing of the control principle of the magnetron, when the two are close together when the magnetron in a closed state, then it will disconnect and then separate the two magnetrons, the signal will be disconnected RF wireless trigger circuit to issue an alarm signal to the alarm host.
    6. PIR Motion Detector
    Passive infrared detectors rely on passive absorption heat animal activities of the body gives off infrared heat alarm, also known pyroelectric infrared sensor, which does not emit infrared detector itself.

    7. What is the gas detector? How does it work?
    Mainly installed in the kitchen, effectively preventing gas leak threatening the owner's life. Its front end of the sensor to detect temperature changes when the gas, the change of course by the processing circuit into a control signal to trigger an alarm signal.
    8. What a smoke detector? How does it work?
    Smoke detectors used in home, office, commercial and other areas. Early fire smoke alarm that went on in a timely manner and take preventive measures. Usually divided into Ionization type smoke, and photoelectric smoke. Ionization type smoke when the principle is the principle of smoke particles between electrodes, the voltage between the electrodes vary utilized.

  9. What is the emission range?
    Wireless alarm system is triggered in the device after the wireless alarm signal emitted in the form of electromagnetic waves out of the most remote.

    10. What is Dual -Technology Sensor detector? 
    In order to overcome the single technical defect detector, usually two different technical principles detectors together, only when the two kinds of sensor detection technology to detect human movement detector when the alarm is called Shuangjian detector. Common market Shuangjian PIR + microwave detector majority, in addition to the air pressure sensor and infrared + Audio + air pressure sensor, and other products.