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Community two-dimensional code access card reader what are the benefits

  • Author:SMQT
  • Source:SMQT
  • Release on:2017-11-29
Community two-dimensional code access card reader What are the benefits?
Recently found that many cell access have changed, as long as the download property recommended mobile APP, not only can shake the door open, but also online payment, photo repair, online complaints, etc., is very convenient. In fact, at present, many properties are operating or under construction similar functions of mobile APP, WeChat and other Internet platforms, helping to become a "Internet +" and property management depth of integration. Today, we talk about residential two-dimensional code access card reader What are the benefits?
First, open the door to experience better: the original intention of two-dimensional code to open the door is more convenient, if you need to remove the phone when you open the door, open the APP, select access control and then open the door, such a complex process down no more than 5 seconds is not completed, Experience than the credit card to trouble, the user card, credit card, card action in one go, 1-3 seconds will be able to complete. So the experience of two-dimensional code to open the door to be within 3 seconds; This requires discovery, connection, interaction, authentication from the wireless device this series of operations need to be completed within 3 seconds, using wifi and Bluetooth products, people know, Wifi access and Bluetooth pairing are more than 3 seconds, this need to do a lot of optimization on the phone side and equipment side.
Second, the system should be more secure: access control system belongs to the security system, security is the basis for security, from the physical layer and application layer to ensure that the system is safe and reliable, involving access security, identity security, communications security, and many other aspects The technical assurance also ensures that the system is more secure and reliable.
Third, authorized management: For the owners authorized to obtain the management office users, through the mobile terminal can increase, delete authorized user quota operation, easy access control access. Traditional access upgrades into mobile two-dimensional code access control, operators can help operators to enhance the use of viscosity, and enhance the interaction between the property and the owners.