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Discussion Access Control four points matter what

  • Author:Huang Haijing
  • Source:SMQT
  • Release on:2016-07-13
 Important one: Access Control card can effectively record, convenient and practical, whenever people have access to information will be sent toCard ReaderRead, and then send information to the host, it is determined to be open instruction is legitimate, if not legal will sound the alarm.
    Point # 2: Another point is the control center after the computer can be divided into sectors and foster employees' material, such as Management Center or Maintenance Center, periodically or in real time related data collection work, and inquiries, aggregated according to the relevant provisions of departments and print, so that the overall emergence of informal settings, this is a second point with the access Control function.
    Highlights three: Access Control system can also be very convenient for the effective management of multi-level, is the control center via computer settings for each card are set out permissions.
    Highlights Four: The last point is the common point is to make the company's Access Control attendance work, we first set up the material and personnel, holidays, trips, absences, etc., and then download some material master card through the computer communication port, the last generation of Personnel absence report recorded very convenient.
    Four points above description, for everyoneAccess ControlRelated applications will have a certain awareness, in the selection will be more clear.