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Intelligent Community fingerprinting What design principles?

  • Source:Knowledge Network Security
  • Release on:2016-07-11
 Fingerprint cell installation accessIdentification systems help facilitate people's daily life, and its people are increasingly high requirements, the Intelligent Community access control fingerprint identification system which design principles?

Intelligent Community Fingerprint what design principles

people oriented

"Man" is the subject, the system design should focus on the real needs of people, practical, simple, economic, security principles, while taking into account the needs of different people, to meet user-specific use of fingerprint access control function.


The rapid development of today's technology can be applied to technologies and products fingerprint identification system in an endless stream, engineering and product selection system should enable users to gain real benefit and meet the needs of recent use and long-term development. In many implementations through, choose the most economically viable through.


System design and product selection has some advanced technology should be used to put in, but not the blind pursuit of new technology is not yet mature or not useful new features to fully protect the user's investment.


System should be designed with higher reliability, after a system failure or an accident caused by an interrupt, to ensure accuracy, completeness and consistency of the data, and with rapid recovery.

Feasibility of implementation

Existing mature product design as an object, but also taking into account trends surrounding information and communication technologies and environmental status quo and consider centralized management requirements, so that the design of the program feasible.

Standardization, openness

Standardization, openness is the inevitable trend of development of information technology, where possible, the conditions used in the design of the product is standardized as much as possible, have a good open, and follow the internationally accepted communication protocol. Application software to maximize the use of common software has been commercialized to reduce the workload of secondary development and conducive to the future use and maintenance.


System design takes into account the future development and use of technology needs, with updates, expansions and upgrades possible.

Data Security

Take the necessary measures to guarantee safety within each intelligent system data.


Fingerprint identification system is the intelligent systems management for various levels of use of the system and its configuration function to provide the user with comfortable, safe, convenient, fast as a criterion, its operation should be simple to learn, but never because of "smart" and inconvenience to the user, or even annoyance.

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