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Rohan Visits SMQT - Old Friends from Sri Lanka

  • Author:SMQT
  • Source:SMQT
  • Release on:2018-03-16
Rohan Visits SMQT - Old Friends from Sri Lanka
  On March 12th, 2018, Rohan, an old friend of Shenzhen Mingqian Technology Co.,LTD(SMQT), came to visit SMQT and was warmly welcomed and cordially accompanied by the general manager of the company's business and related personnel.

  Rohan's visit was aimed at finding new security products. During the visits and talks, we introduced and demonstrated the company's new products for access control and alarm: face recognition access control systems, dynamic face recognition access control systems, and dynamic face recognition timeattendance , smart home security systems, etc.; Rohan praised our new products, and made inquiries about the performance parameters of new products in all aspects.

  After an in-depth exchange of opinions, Rohan expressed the hope that he would like to continue to deepen the cooperation in the field of security with SMQT. for the new products he require us to carry forward the advantages of high quality and superior prices. General Manager Tony said that we will continue to uphold our long tradition of excellence and provide customers with the most satisfactory security products.

May Rohan and SMQT have a long-lasting friendship.