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SMQT Release 2016 New WIFI + GSM intelligent control alarm host

  • Author:SMQT
  • Source:SMQT
  • Release on:2016-05-11

     Recently, SMQT 2016 launched a new 32-channel WIFI + GSM-controlled alarm control panel. Product highly integrated network alarm module using GSM + wifi dual network platform, use the phone APP software and alarm system network + GSM dual network communication, support 32 alarm zone inputs and wireless remote control arming and disarming, with a touch-sensitive button operation, SMS tips and anti-cut, anti-short alarm function, ABS + PC housing with the perfect combination of exquisite inner core, so sharp configuration I believe we can win the attention of today's security market.

SMQT Release 2016 New WIFI + GSM intelligent control alarm alarm hostSMQT Release 2016 New WIFI + GSM intelligent control alarm alarm host

The basic functions of the new product is as follows:

1.using GSM + wifi dual network platforms, software and use the phone APP alarm system network + GSM dual network communication;

2. the system is cloud-based service networking technology for local or remote settings or control and alarm systems, fault, low pressure push function;

3. GSM voice dialing alarm and SMS alarm, status, fault notification, and other functions;

4. one-click Configuration Host wifi password, you can achieve network;

5. support for keyboard and wireless communication, to achieve the arm and disarm the host;

6.with the support of the company's research and development supporting the use of wireless network cameras for video recording, storage, camera, remote monitoring APP view recorded video;

7. 8-way wireless smart home control lighting or electrical appliances;

8. wireless accessories to support the two-dimensional code all the way relay control output, support alarm linkage output, APP control output; code scanning, wireless learning the code, key learning mode, supports 10 remote control or wireless keyboard, supports 24-way wireless +4 wired zones zone 4 RFID zones, where the wireless zone can be custom probe name, RFID zone can customize disarm message alert, alarm zone alarm delay can be set to divide the zone, each zone can be custom built or wireless siren siren.

9. 4 linkage groups were disarmed RFID SMS alert content settings;

10. the name of the zone and the detector alarm system automatically prompts alarm APP, you can send text messages to any national character;

11. the state of the system is automatically prompted to APP foreign state, arming and disarming status, battery status parts and accessories online;

12. APP active query system arming and disarming status, foreign state, the host battery status, GSM signal, wifi signal, wireless accessories configuration;

13. Arm & Arm support away from home arming mode, by remote control, remote telephone, APP, way wireless keyboard arm and disarm;

14. receive alarms and remote local calls, and voice prompts, you can start listening, voice intercom, propaganda, listen to the message, arm and disarm;

15. support calls, receive voice calls;

16. supports wired siren and wireless siren;

17. Support CID networking;

18. support the restoration of the factory settings;

SMQT Release 2016 New WIFI + GSM intelligent control alarm alarm hostSMQT Release 2016 New WIFI + GSM intelligent control alarm alarm host

The basic parameters as follows:

1.power adapter: 100 ~ 240V AC input, output DC 12VDC for the host;

2.standby current: <70mA (non-charging state, free wired detector)

3.Alarm current: <180mA (excluding wired siren)

4. GSM transmit power: 2W

5. WIFI frequency: 2.4G, built-in wireless networking protocols IEEE802.11b / g / n and the TCP / IP protocol stack

6. WIFI minimum receiving sensitivity: -96dbm, transmit power: 18dbm

7. dual-band GSM: GSM900 / 1800 (optional 4 Frequency: 850/900/1800/1900)

8. backup battery: lithium battery 3.7V / 800MA / H, Standby: 8 hours

9. 868 / 433MHz receiving distance:> 100 m (open)

10. 868 / 433MHz Transmission Distance:> 100 meters (open)

11. operating temperature: -10ºC ~ 70ºC Relative Humidity 5% to 95%

SMQT Release 2016 New WIFI + GSM intelligent control alarm alarm host

32 network alarm host this time launched, for the current market trends, the introduction of more stable, more reliable, more cost-effective control panel. Products will provide the family, office room, communities, business offices and other industries personalized pre-emptive solutions.