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Security System Development

  • Author:Helen Li
  • Source:SMQT
  • Release on:2016-06-01
Security System Development

In recent years,with the development and progress of the economy, the construction industry has been a great development, and security systems as an integral part of intelligent building, in all aspects of society to protect the personal safety and property security plays an important role. Also with the development of society, the population density residential area of large, strong liquidity, significant security issues. 

Therefore, strengthening the community's security precautions are particularly important, and the traditional means of air defense obviously can not meet the current housing security system under the new situation demands. 

The use of advanced digital electronic technology and anti-technology conventional means joint air defense has become a new trend, while the scientific community, as well as digital management of emergency situations timely detection and disposal, and so require the establishment of a weather 24 comprehensive prevention system is already four hours on duty is an inevitable trend.   

The residential security system design for access control systems (import and export management system), parking management systems, electronic patrol system, residential burglar alarm (perimeter) systems, video surveillance systems and backup power supply (ups power supply) system is designed . 

Access control system by credit card, the key password, electronic door locks and other measures to control the access control system. Parking management system through the credit card, vehicle detectors, and the sense coil control vehicle access and fees. 

Electronic patrol system patrol routes through fixed or placed on non-patrol sensor fixed-line, in order to determine the situation patrol officers on patrol. Residential burglar alarm (perimeter) system, etc. Is there anyone over the perimeter fence by electronic monitoring cell wall. 

Video surveillance system by each key entrances, junctions and other complex security situation in order to monitor the area to protect the personal and property safety of residential tenants. A complete security system consists of these independent subsystems, and requires advanced, reliability, standardization,scalability and other content and structure.

Access Control System:

Alarm System: