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We need to avoid the ten errors when actual wiring

We need to avoid the ten errors when actual wiring

Snoppy Huang CPS encyclopedia 2016-07-12 10:38:15
We need to avoid the ten errors when actual wiring
   Cabling is a modular, highly flexible information transmission channel within a building or between buildings. Through which allows voice equipment, data equipment, switching equipment and various control devices and information management systems together, but also to make the integrated wiring devices and external communication network connected to these. So, we need to avoid the actual wiring What is wrong?
    First, the whole network is not forward planning
   Currently gigabit network has begun to spread, but there are a lot of companies need to continue to use 100 Mbit network connection. For example, some companies need to be relocated to a new office, which must redeploy the network line, then it should be adopted to meet the traditional cable technology current application, or choose new cable technology in the next few years can continue to upgrade , will be placed in front of us.
   We need to note that the project is running, the cost of human resources is the most expensive part. Although the choice of more advanced in the implementation of the actual project in the wiring scheme seems reasonable it is not very good, but we suggest that you still have to consider the possible use of better quality products and services. This will in a very long period of time, so that your business will not appear awkward in the face of higher network requirements. Therefore, make sure the network cabling technology used does not prematurely outdated, network cabling problem must also be considered.

    Second, the voice and data services using a different line
   Considering the cost, many companies will use the previously different sizes and types of cable voice and data business. Because of language requirements for voice service link status is not very high, just use a single wire to standards, so as to provide a less expensive line voice services can ensure that the data line for funding the larger part of the budget.
   Until today, despite consuming cabling funds are still spending a small fortune, but which has become the largest expenditure cost of human resources, the line itself is no longer accounted for the highest share of investment.
    In addition, with the popularity of voice telephony, voice services in many environments have become dependent on the existence of the data requirements of data-level cable-supported projects. In fact, if the company does exist in this area needs, just select the appropriate voice telephone equipment, you can use existing data lines and voice calls built-in Ethernet switch equipment to meet the corresponding requirements, thereby eliminating repeated wiring caused money wasted.
Security need to avoid wiring errors Ten
    In short, before the work starts, we can not simply assume that voice services only need to use the old line to meet the class 3. If you need to deploy a phone line separate, it should ensure that their performance can be achieved to support data line level.

    Third, there is no effective management of the line
   Under normal circumstances, we will consider increasing the number of lines of existing systems will help. Increasing keystone of the rack and the consequent rack-based management and other line of work does lead to increased operating costs. But also allows routine maintenance work has become very simple. To note, line management and the project will not be completed and the final security automatically terminated when more and more lines were added, and the reality will change.
    Therefore, we must insist on the cable are identified by color classification, or take some other type of special treatment, to ensure that under no circumstances can easily identify the relevant line.

    Fourth, the network cable and the cable laid in parallel formation
    Data transmission lines using a "twisted pair" (UTP) mode. Magnetic low voltage running through the wire produced is an important part of the communication chain. When a non-shielded cable and wire parallel magnetic interference will be a problem that will lead to a large number of cases of duplication and distortion of the transmitted data class information appears. In many cases, this will result in the failure of the two places between the effective transmission, the transmission rate will drop rapidly, the problem of frequent need to repeat the transmission.
    If you must deploy in the vicinity of the wire cable, we must ensure that rather than parallel way through. Once a case in the late 1990s, I encountered the case of a newly installed coaxial cable is not working properly, this route would have been responsible for the connection of two buildings very close, after a variety of troubleshooting, the author suddenly It found that overhead power lines and coaxial cable is wound between the two buildings together, thus causing the line suffered serious electromagnetic interference, not the normal transmission of data.
    Fifth, the network cable and the "noise" devices in the same area
   In the real world, not only the wire can cause interference to the data line. Lighting with fluorescent lamps, motors and related equipment capable of generating electric or magnetic interference can have a serious impact to the network cable to transmit data. Therefore, when the wiring, we need to make sure the line away from the area where these sources of interference.

    Sixth, do not consider limiting the actual distance
   Before you start wiring, it should first confirm the need to achieve distance and the range of connections. In a typical use of ordinary twisted pair Ethernet cabling, for example, from the gigabit network is limited to 100 meters. If the company is chosen or quad Gigabit Gigabit technology, we must follow specific design corresponding distance criteria. For example, if the company intends to use twisted pair Gigabit network run on more than 100 meters away, you must select 6A or higher grade cable.
    Seven, contrary to the laws and regulations.
    In many respects the laws and regulations will play a decisive role, so if you do not comply with local regulations, it may pose a security risk. For example, most places prohibit the use of PVC sheath line in air-cooled environments. Since the PVC during combustion produces toxic gases, which may give firefighters and other emergency personnel harm.
    If you do not comply with local regulatory requirements in the deployment of low-voltage lines, companies may have to face serious consequences be fined or even removed and re-wiring. Therefore, before beginning work, you should know where their responsibilities, and ensure that all contractors have to meet local regulatory requirements.

    Eight, ignore the line tested
   After the wiring work is completed, we should make use of various tools for each line to be tested to ensure that they can achieve the predetermined requirements. Work involving contains specifications and cable transmission distance of verification. If gigabit network, also need to be verified to ensure that the line can meet the corresponding requirements.
    Nine, do not follow industry standards
    As we all know, every network cable has eight separate lines. Therefore, as long as we can ensure that both ends of the line using the same model and type of agreement can be arbitrarily connected. Facts have proved that this view is wrong. Therefore, setting the industry standard is for a reason, in cabling standards need to take into account the impact of the line is twisted and the external environment.
    If you do not follow these standards in the wiring, it may occur interference and low efficiency and other issues, leading to a negative impact on overall network performance. Standard mentioned here, it is the EAI / TIA-568-A and B, which provides deployment data class lines.

    Ten, for the new line is not reasonable planning
    When we need to deal with the newly added line Ethernet switches in the network, the need for specialized noted that, in the absence of scientific rational planning, rush to use Ethernet Switch will bring unknown factors and not the entire network stable risk.We need to avoid the actual wiring ten errors .