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What is OLED?

  • Author:Snoppy Huang
  • Source:Network
  • Release on:2016-08-23
What is OLED? 

    SMQT has a single door access control keypad machine with OLED screen, the display is excellent access one machine at home and abroad in prestigious, OLED then what is it? With this question, I search on the web for a moment, about the introduction of OLED is:
    Namely organic light emitting diode OLED (organic light-emitting diode, OLED) is a developed and patented by Kodak display technology, which use an organic polymer material as a light emitting diode semiconductor (semiconductor) material. Polymeric material may be natural, synthetic or may be, may be large size, but also may be small size. Proteins and DNA are examples of organic polymers.
    OLED display technology widely used in mobile phones, digital cameras, DVD players, personal digital assistants (PDA), notebook computers, car stereos and televisions. OLED displays are thin and lightweight, because it does not use a backlight. OLED displays and a wide viewing angle up to 160 degrees, the operating voltage of two to ten volts (volt, represented by V).
  Based on new technologies are flexible OLED organic light-emitting display technology (FOLED), this technology has the potential in the future, so that highly portable, folding display technology possible.
     Characteristics of OLED is its own light, unlike the TFT LCD backlight required, so visibility and brightness are high, followed by low demand and high-voltage power efficiency, coupled with fast response, light weight, thin, simple structure, low cost etc., it is regarded as one of the 21st century's most promising products.
     OLED display technology with a self-luminous properties, with a very thin coating of organic materials and the glass substrate, when a current is passed, these organic materials will be light, and OLED display viewing angle, and can save energy, from 2010 in the beginning of such a display device on the read access controller has been applied.

    OLED organic light-emitting material used, the one with dye and pigment material is a small molecule device system, and the other places conjugated polymer is a polymer material, the device system. And because organic electroluminescent device having a light-emitting diode and light emitting characteristics, so a small molecule organic electroluminescent device is also called OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diode), a polymer organic electroluminescent device is called PLED (Polymer Light-emitting Diode). Small molecule OLED and polymer in the material properties can be said to be different, but the existing technology development, such as the reliability of the monitor, and electrical properties, production stability, the small molecule OLED in a leading position, the current volume production of OLED assembly, full of small molecule organic light emitting material.
    SMQT'S OLED standalone access controller, supporting IC / ID card, card capacity of 100,000 as many more additional services such as free software, access control products for consumers with a strong appeal.