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EA-38A  UPS Power supplyEA-38A  UPS Power supplyEA-38A  UPS Power supply

EA-38A UPS Power supply

  • Dimensions :205L * 165W * 74H (mm)
  • The output voltage :DC12V
  • Output current: 3A
  • Delay setting : 0-15s
  • Specially designed:Double-pane glass, copper transformer, steel shell
  • security function :Short circuit protection, anti-jamming
  • Scope:Access control,building intercom systems,door button can be accessed
  • Optional :Remote Control (remote control without interference from the open ground 80 meters)
  • Can be accessed by backup battery :12V 7AH
  • Name: 12V3Ah power supply

Dimensions  205L * 165W * 74H (mm) 
The output voltage  DC12V 
Output current  3A 
Delay setting  0-15s 
Specially designed  Double-pane glass, copper transformer, steel shell 
security function  Short circuit protection, anti-jamming 
Scope  Access control, building intercom systems, door button can be accessed 
Optional  Remote Control (remote control without interference from the open ground 80 meters) 
Can be accessed by backup battery  12V 7AH 

The power supply is 12 volt 5 amp switching power supply controller.This power supply can use the 12 volt rechargeable backup battery.

It can reduce the load of access controller, save project wiring, reducing failure risk.
Let NC / NOOutput, can control various types of electric locks. Set time delay control circuit, lock time can be in 0-10 seconds, 
set open button input, can directly open the electric lock.
Automatic protection function, when the power short circuit accident occurs, the power is automatically disconnected temporarily 
or blown fuse.
Can be accessed battery can continue to supply after a power outage.
Suitable for building intercom, access control various entrances and exits.

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