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EB-132 Magnetic ContactEB-132 Magnetic Contact

EB-132 Magnetic Contact

  • Dimensions: 41L * 34W * 6.5H (mm)
  • Connection : NC / NO
  • Operating distance : 20 ± 5 (mm)
  • Maximum durability : ≤100VDC
  • Load current: ≤500mA
  • Working Power: ≤10W
  • Housing Material : ABS fireproof material shape
  • Colour: Brown / White
  • Scope: Non-ferrous door or window
  • product weight: 14g

Dimensions 41L * 34W * 6.5H (mm) 
Connection  NC / NO 
Operating distance  20 ± 5 (mm) 
Maximum durability  ≤100VDC 
Load current  ≤500mA 
Working Power  ≤10W 
Housing Material  ABS fireproof material shape 
Colour  Brown / White 
Scope  Non-ferrous door or window 
product weight 14g 

The magnetic contact sensor with wired and wireless mode.This model is wired magnetic door contact switch 
used in alarm security.Back of adhesive tape to provide easily installed in the door or window. Ideal security 
office, home, shops, entrance.When someone illegally open door or window it immediately send an alarm signal, 
the control panel receives the alarm signal immediately,the 120-decibel alarm sound.

The door magnetic contact sensor is used for door security system.The automatic door sensor is wired alarm door sensor. 

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