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20 Access Control System Basic Tips

20 Access Control System Basic Tips

Snoppy Huang CPS network 2016-06-27 14:22:45
20 Access Control System Basic Tips
Abstract: The fault is not described in detail, if you provide a more detailed description of the problem and electrical schematics, can be more clearly answer. Therefore, the following can only provide some faults may exist: It may be electronically controlled lock is broken, hesitant or electrically controlled lock signal line contact is not good. Alternatively, you can troubleshoot if there is a problem on the line households; 
1. access control system, how to effectively implement anti-tail?
A: Anti-trailing access control system has been difficult to solve. We recommend the following ways:

1)Changing the door: the installation of speed through the door (or three roller gates). This approach also has its shortcomings, like speed through the door, basically used indoors, width of only 55cm, allowing only one person to pass and there is counting alarm function, if two people through, it will generate an alarm. Three roller gates can be used outdoors, but for the people who crossed from above to prevent the effect is not ideal, with the help of three roller gates, etc. suitable for exhibitions and other places of security on duty.

2) the installation of access card reader. If a person after trailing entering the cardholder, in order to come out, it must also be credit card in order to open the door, in order to achieve the purpose of anti-tail. However, when you go out, if followed also followed the cardholder went out together, and that the same can not achieve the real purpose of anti-tail.

3) two-way reading card with the two-door interlock that way. Mantrap basically can be solved in this way followed, because to open a second door, the first door must be locked, or the second door can not be opened. There is also a more difficult method, you can install the camera, is the use of image processing technology, to detect portrait (of course, through the camera to capture images after), but this method is too much trouble, requires a lot of knowledge extension.

4) If the particularly high level of security, you can use full-height doors or higher interlocking doors (two doors, after a person enters weighed, then opened the second door) can achieve true anti-tail; drawback is the price is not such doors Philippines.

2. open the door intercom extension, how to troubleshoot?

A: The fault is not described in detail, if you provide a more detailed description of the problem and electrical schematics, can be more clearly answer. Therefore, the following can only provide some faults may exist: It may be electronically controlled lock is broken, hesitant or electrically controlled lock signal line contact is not good. Alternatively, you can troubleshoot if there is a problem on the line households;

Another possibility is that the extension is broken, if another extension on the system can not open the lock, it shows there is a problem or electric mainline system lock is broken. If the cell door to the instantaneous voltage of the electric lock reach, may also lead to an extension can not open; you can also check extension unlock button, detects whether it is broken; the last one may be the coding wrong.

3. management machine and door machine dialogue, microphone door screaming machine, how to deal with this problem?

A: This phenomenon may be improper wiring, the power supply is normal and G lines each one, pick up a multi-line G; Another possibility is to adjust the sound inappropriate.

4. when the host cell to maintain different brands and extensions can be mutually compatible?

A: can not compatible, the bus is because wiring, the agreement may be different, and therefore compatible with the possibility of almost zero, unless the two manufacturers to find the bottom of the agreement.

Currently video intercom products basically no standards at all, products of different manufacturers can not be interconnected, video intercom and other subsystems are basically not weak subsystems interconnection, the reason is that there is no standard. Without standards, lack of openness, the system can not be interconnected, we can not guarantee long-term product warranty and service industry can not develop healthily. Therefore, the market is looking forward to an open and standardized products appear.

5. an old residential renovation project has a deaf uncle want from an extension of the bell and a lighted, call downstairs to open the door to remind the lights, I do not know how feasible and wiring?

A: The use of ringing signal can be done, the transformation of the line, the trigger signal to the relay switch lead through bell and lamp series circuit. The contact switch changes to a double-contact switch, when the button is pressed, while dry node signal a free issue, flash drive, or ring tones visual signal.

6. a cell unit access network without network intercom, access control Shenzhen Creative product, intercom Taiwan products. It is required to control the door machine unit together with the access control unit and the unit door, but speaking engineering side that this is not good control door locks, is that right?

A: Just a simple switch signal, if both systems you do, it should be no problem, plus a relay can be resolved. If the access is based, can open the door intercom signal cable to access the door open button terminal, you do not need the relay. Plus a simple transistor switch circuit to control the original unlock relay intercom system can be, so to avoid mutual interference.

7. according to the old-fashioned straight video intercom host, can not have anything close to the back of the host, or it will eat bee song, what is the reason?

A: A typical self-excited phenomenon speaker and microphone, speakers generally sound wave hits an object close to the transmission, the sound waves back to pass over, self-excited phenomenon. The fault is that the speaker sensitivity is too high, for a potentiometer, attempts to adjust the sensitivity of the speaker, the speaker sound tone small; can also adjust the microphone sensitivity, the direction of the microphone for debugging, through the adjustment of equipment to solve the problem. 
8. a floor installation of a goiter access, independent action if the B floor installation of a different brand of access control, access control sets. Are B F A floor access can access the IC card (or ID card), and A House access control function and the same?

A: In theory it can be only a matter of access controller. But first, to figure out what had to use the card, for example, some companies in the smart card or identification card, some special cards, some encryption card.

9. building intercom host murmur, murmur a great extension also come to hear voices. Is not the power problem? If so, how should I do? And how not? How can we avoid this problem?

A: It should consider what brand intercom system, as well as wiring line selection of models, more important is to find out where he comes from interference, it may be caused by aging harmonic power devices jamming can be the first change phase power supply filter regulator good try, the best solution is to update the power supply. Furthermore, there is to look at the ground contact.

10. IC card and ID card which is the difference?

1) IC card and ID card definition:

The full name of the IC card IC card (Integrated Circuit Card), also known as smart cards (S mart Card). Can read and write, large capacity, encryption, reliable data recording, easier to use, such as card systems, consumer systems, there are mainly PHILPS Miifare series of cards.

Full name ID card identification card (Identification Card), proximity card is a non-written, with a fixed number, there SYRIS of EM format Taiwan, the United States HID, TI, MOTOROLA and other types of ID cards.

2) IC card to do initialization (ie encryption) work, and without an ID card

IC card, when used, must be followed by the first inter-IC card and reader device-specific bidirectional key certification to carry out related work, so that the whole system has a very high security.

Therefore, it must be manufactured IC is initialized (ie encryption), the purpose is to generate unbreakable key card system at the factory after the IC card, in order to ensure the safety of card payment mechanism system. IC card initialization encrypted, to the user, the client through the IC card issuance systems, in turn generate a private key card for each user their own system. This ensures that the user card issued in the other user's system can not be used in the system to ensure the specificity of the system, thus ensuring the safe use of the system mechanism.

ID card and magnetic card, like, are simply using the "card number" only the card in addition to card number, but without any security function, the "card" is open and exposed. So, ID card is the "magnetic induction", it simply does not need or do not need to master initialization problem.

Why not the initialization process by the users themselves do this is because:

1) If initialized by the user, it can not prevent insider cheating. Because the user when using the card system, if employees use social bought cards at random initialization, can be freely released into the household can use household card, or even to freely recharge card consumption, which will not only cause serious cheating consequences, also will cause a security card system appears to use the mechanism on serious flaws.

2) In addition, if users buy their own low-grade factory card initialization, but can not be used on the system, cases will be bad system performance or paralysis, which will result in a clear responsibility for the accident.

3) the implementation of the initialization process in the factory, mainly IC card security the basic needs of key authentication mechanism, but also IC card system integrator norm. Like urban public transport IC card, these cards before use to the public transport system, each card should be factory key encryption control.

4) If the user due to the lack of professional management and in case of lost keys used to initialize authorization cards, users and manufacturers will be unable to make use of the card. Therefore, the initial work done by the manufacturer, only security.

11. Comparison of the IC card system and ID card system

1) Security: Security is much larger than the IC card ID card. Card ID card reader without any permission easy imitation. Read data recorded in the IC card, write the corresponding password authentication is required, even within the card each zone has a different password protection, comprehensive protection for data security, IC card write data and read data password, you can password set different hierarchical management provides a good way to ensure system security.

2) can be recorded between: ID card data can not be written, recorded content (card number) only by chip manufacturing plant write-once, read out the card number only developers to use, can not manage to develop a new number based on the actual needs of the system system. IC card not only by authorized users to read large amounts of data, but also to write large amounts of data (such as a new card number, user permissions, user profiles, etc.) by an authorized user, IC card content recorded rewritable.

3) Storage capacity: ID card only records the card number; and IC card (such as Philips mifare card) can record the contents of about 1,000 characters.

4) off and running on a network: Because no content within the ID card, it is their privilege card holders, operating system functions to fully rely on the support of computer network platform database. The IC card itself has recorded a large number of user-related content (card number, user information, authority, balance and other large consumer of information), can be run from the computer platform, networked and offline automatic conversion mode of operation, it is possible to achieve a wide range of use, less cabling needs.

5) Expansion Card Applications: ID card because there is no record, no partition, can only rely on network software to handle information for each subsystem, which greatly increased reliance on the network; if, after Id card system is complete, users want to add functionality point , additional wiring is required, which not only increases the difficulty of construction, but also adds unnecessary investment. So, do use the ID card system, it is difficult for system expansion, it is difficult to achieve real card.

The IC card storage area itself is divided into 16 partitions, each have different passwords, having a plurality of sub-system management functions * legislation, such as the first partition to achieve access control, the second division to achieve consumption, employee attendance and so achieve the third partition . The full realization of the purpose of the card, and can be completely modular design, even if the user to increase the function point, and without rewiring, simply by adding hardware and software modules, which facilitates the IC card system upgrade at any time to ping the expansion to achieve a smooth upgrade reduce duplication of investment.

6) Intelligent System maintenance and operation:

For example, computer released a new user ID card, must be able to over the network ID card system, with all ID card number manually downloaded one by one to each pupil ID card reader controller, or the ID card as many cards You can not use; to change user permissions, you need to have permission to enter the ID card number on each ID card controller.

Another example is the system put into use often To add ID card, a new card each year or modify a card of authority, it is necessary in the card are available to enter the card number on the controller, which greatly increasing the manual workload and time and maintenance; in addition, if a few more card subsystem, subsystem or slightly larger, the complexity of the system maintenance and management show a geometric increase, will directly cause the system not working run.

The use of IC card card system, after the IC card issuer, the card itself is a data carrier, even if the communication network is, as usual for offline reading and writing literacy controller card to run; if change user permissions, user permissions can be directly written in the IC card, the new card user can simply modify the permissions change, do not have to be modified for each controller, managers everywhere to avoid changing the controller card usage rights issues from the technical mechanisms, to improve management efficiency , intelligent management purposes.

7) Value for money:

Although the ID card and IC card reader and the reader than the cheap, but constitute the entire card system (wiring costs, structure and composition) point of view, the price of the two systems fairly, and IC card system than the ID card system stable, reliable, cost-effective IC card system thus far higher than the ID card system.

Moreover, given today's environment is not very mature cell hardware, system personnel to computer knowledge is not very familiar with the reality of the situation, it is impossible to establish or maintain a complete network system to support the ID card card for 24 hours continuously running. Therefore, to meet the networking and mutual adaptation run offline smart card IC card system is a better choice of today's users.

12. as far as reading distance for special parking passive M1 card is how much?

A: The distance M card reader mainly depends on its power and speed of data exchange and its frequency modulation. In the passive card without antenna case sensing distance of about 3-5 meters, as far as can be added after the antenna up to 8 meters, is currently in a passive situation, M1 card reader also can not do long distance.

13. the output format reader what?

A: It is now common reader output format: RS232, RS485, WG26, WG34, ABA. ID of the ABA code (also known as Manchester) Coding way also has the following common are two:

1) If the reader take 8H hexadecimal format, ABA code "192D9D", converted into decimal code "0026226077."

2) If the reader take 6H hexadecimal format, ABA code "92D9D", converted into decimal ABA code "0009448861." Decimal "0026226077" converted into hexadecimal format 8H as "1902D9D", 6H convert hexadecimal format as "902D9D". This is the code reader to read out the ABA and ABA physical inner code on the card for different reasons.

14. the card near the reader, the buzzer does not ring, the indicator does not respond to normal communication. The problem lie?

A: Possible reasons: (1) the connection between the reader and the controller is not correct; (2) the reader to the controller circuit exceeds the effective length (120M)

15.a valid card near the reader, the buzzer sounds, LED indicators do not change, you can not open the door, why?

A: Possible reasons: (1) the reader is not properly connected to the controller; (2) Line severe interference the reader data can not be transmitted to the controller.

16. access has been normal use, one day all of a sudden can not open a valid card (card becomes invalid)?

A: Possible reasons: (1) The operator post access set up a rest day (rest day for all the cards can not open the door);

(2) The operator will be initialized access operation or the other causes the controller executes initialization command.

17. a valid card near the reader, the buzzer sound, LED indicator light turns green, but the door did not open?

A: Possible reasons: (1) the connection between the controller and electric control lock incorrect; (2) to the electric lock power supply is normal (electric locks require a separate power supply);

(3) electronically controlled lock failure; (4) the occurrence of latch and lock mechanically stuck.

18. will effectively close the card reader, the buzzer sounds, open the door, but the reader light off?

A: (1) controller and electric control lock shared a power supply, the potential is reversed when the lock work interference, resulting in a reset control; (2) Power is not enough, resulting in the controller, reader din not work properly.

19. the wiring structure of networked intelligent building systems What are the main?

A: are mainly in line for the mainstream multi-core mode, the video coaxial cable transmission, audio transmission, data, usually RVV power line, you can also use a network cable. in addition to individual manufacturers to adopt a two-wire transmission signal modulation, there is also wireless products and services.

Wiring in the building intercom system, we need to solve three problems: audio quality, video quality, data transmission quality. Audio transmission has 3-wire and two-wire, 3-wire transfer to better address signal amplification and regulation problems.

Usually with a dedicated data transmission codec chip, CAN transceiver and RS-485, etc., differential data transmission means such as RS-485 and other signal interference has advantages, the baseband level electronic way data transfer Bin vulnerable bus mode network divided into dry bus (networking) and branch bus (unit), by the router (splitter) connection.

20. on the 8th floor building intercom about the selection of the wire should be suitable? Three-wire and N + 1 formula?

A: according to the specific configuration requirements to be, with the main intercom functions related needs, intercom are visible or non-visible, is straight or encoded or household intercom, different functions, there will be modeling subtle differences.
If nothing is selected brand, wiring proposals: Visual: 6 + 1 core video; non-visual: 4 core.