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Brazil people like this kind of security products

  • Author:Huang Haijing
  • Source:HC
  • Release on:2016-05-30

 HC security network Sao Paulo is Brazil's enthusiasm and free, the "Brazil's largest cities" of the place is also the richest city in South America. By 2016 Brazil Sao Paulo international security exhibition opportunity, I took the "football Kingdom of" infinite longing came to this land.

    More than 20 hours of plane travel, we finally arrived in Sao Paulo's international airport, everything about São Paulo started ... ...

    Brazil's warm hospitality, these days I am very impressed: a talkative taxi driver, patient passers in the guidelines, attentive waiter, can make a person feel this country in good faith, no fake ingredients, their nature is so.

    Compared to domestic life, life here is more free, and did not deliberately demand the high quality of life, the popular joke here, so communication between man and man is more casual, here, can truly feel comfortable life full of joy.

    However, the modernization of the city and I expected something different, compared with one or two domestic cities, and all aspects of construction here seems a bit backward, where we seldom see high-rise buildings, but many single-family cottages. However, the shopping center and the same.

    Line down, feel most deep of was local of language, more than 500 years Qian, here had is Portugal of colonial, although independent 200 years has, but official language has been is Portugal language, they English of penetration very low, far over has I of imagine, I that several sentence hold foot of Portuguese language is too not enough, no translation presence of when, communication Basic by gestures, but locals does not mind.

    Whenever I go to a new city, makes me more excited than food, Brazil tour on the first day, our dinner was buffet Grill solutions on the ground, large chunks of meat, looks absolutely delicious, however, the taste is not as good as some of the country's barbecue restaurant, or is my personal do not got used to the change. The next few days, eat most are run by local Chinese restaurant, although not as original flavor, but still acceptable.


(Episode 1) would have heard about Brazil's rubber slippers are very famous, natural rubber production, design is very unique

    To Sao Paulo zhiqian, small partners are are shouting with let I with several double back, exhibition end Hou, I drag with luggage box to near of shopping street began has big raids, colorful of slippers, took up heavy of, price than domestic of General slippers to your some, but quality good, according to with small partners are of requirements selected good, loaded into luggage box, done.

    About the event

    This is the first time I went to Brazil, Ai Lian overseas to South America for the first time exhibitors, Pavilion is Brazil Imigrantes Exhibition Center, boxy design, the Pavilion covers a large area, but this time, the exhibition occupies only about one-third place,

    Local exhibitors mainly largerSecurityEnterprise(JFL, Intelbras, etc) as the representative of China probably has more than 30 branches, Ai Lian is the exhibitors onlyAnti-theft alarmChinaBrand

    The scale of the exhibition is not large, not comparable to Shenzhen, Beijing exhibition, but sentiment is strong. Three days of the show there is a constant stream of visitors, traffic is very large, large booth is crowded.


    We have few people participating, we all attach great importance to the exhibition, prior to the commencement of a few month's time, people by gas to local customers, inviting them to come and visit our booth. In the three-day event, we successively had some old customers, some only by telephone, mail or any other means of communication, several customers have worked but never met face to face, I've heard this Ai Lian exhibitors, they all come and visit our booth.


    Development of new customers is also one of the most important purpose of our trip, during the exhibition, the incoming customers through the Pavilion, our booth was also ushered in a batch after batch of new and old faces, too busy to drink a SIP of water, also ignored the high heels pain, just want to let the customer Ai Lian more understanding. Of course, attract these customers are more than just our hard to explain, but on displayProductsAdding to their "heart": digital converter with IR barrier-free synchronous line, a new generation of infrared grating home WiFi version of intelligentAlarmPassive, intelligent petsDetectorMany products, such as stunning debut, especially ABT (two beams) infrared correlation product, very popular, even being on the spot, "snapped up" (later detailed explanation).

    Halfway through, the customers see our side to display infrared radiation, specifically referring to the color of the product he believes Orange infrared radiation is very famous, and orange is the most exciting of the infrared radiation was first proposed and designed by Ai Lian, so possible in most people's minds, Orange has become the representative of infrared radiation.

    In addition to the infrared radiation products, Ai Lian infrared grating products is also one of the highlights from synchronized line design and installation more convenient intelligent fuzzy logic analysis, alarm more accurate fast; Super waterproof products run more stable and superior product performance gain a recognized visiting customers.

    Brazil infrared grating market potential is very large, as an independent design and development products businesses, with multiple infrared grating product patents, Ai Lian will become very strong competitors.

    When you participate in the domestic security show in the past, there will be leisure time sat in the lounge chatting with customers about product or marketMarketThis exhibition, basically has always stood for, the customer receives a dial and a dial, and very little in between assignments, and want to know the details very much, one went on to a product presentation, really tired.

    Hard work will be fruitful, for three days, hundreds of business cards collected, being "robbed" color pages, is the best encouragement for us.

    (Episode 2) I remember several years ago, the domestic security show everywhere, customer direct orders to buy the product, but with the decline in the domestic security show effects and more, security of overcapacity, almost rarely seen customers purchase product directly on the exhibition. In this exhibition, we see some customers are buying products directly at the show back testing, our exhibitors products are no exception in the past.

    Brazil alarm market

    Finished the show, to talk the most attention alarm market. Local of real estate industry development slightly explicit less, residents floor and commercial floor most is alone building of building, nevertheless, locals on alarm, security products still has very big of needs, this main stems from Brazil of political system, Brazil is a advocate free democratic of country, is rare of people can gun of national, national overall security not strong, so, for security prevention products has larger of needs.

    Last few days in Sao Paulo, where we see the most is the pulse of electronic fences, high-voltage power grids, as well as infrared radiation and other perimeter protection product, almost the majority of the buildings will be installed. Among these, the infrared radiation in two popular beam, because of local residents ' homes, commercial buildings, mostly dominated by single-family cottages, short, short beam products just to meet the application needs of small villas, so this is why we are two beams of radiation at the exhibition were visitors "robbed" one of the reasons.

    Brazil is a developing country, overall economic development level is not high, plus a lot of people do not deliberately pursue high quality of life, therefore, locals claim is not expensive product can meet their basic needs, so does the demand for security products to meet basic security functions on the line, and cost-effective.

    Has understand of people are know, Brazil of imports tariff compared high, some products of imports cost even will turned times, this is Government for protection local enterprise implementation of a items measures, addition, local need imports products of enterprise also must has import and export right, and won import and export right is a compared complex of process, exhibition Shang of products are is we directly with past of, no additional of tariff, price also than imports to of cheap of more, so, in exhibition Shang directly purchase products of phenomenon very general, this is reasons of II.

    Third a reasons certainly and products itself of quality about, the exhibition, Ai Lian new old two beam products are has displayed, two beam infrared on shot has been is Ai Lian of "burst paragraph" products one of, especially this with to exhibition of new two beam products, is has more of advantage, variety light way, regulation light more accurate, and convenient; digital frequency technology, super strong of anti-errors reported capacity, can up to very strong of prevention role, on local of security needs for, is benefit.

    Finally, have to mention is a local security company, but due to the time constraint, I just know, earlier mentioned two, both were very influential in the region's security company, securityMonitoringAnd alarm services are involved, local sports venue construction is also specified with their brand and, of course, they also co-operation with domestic security business. In addition, local brand there are large and small, most of domestic security companies are marketing through local security dealers.

    Previously, Ai Lian is through local of some security dealer for market expand, business main concentrated in residential, and commercial building, and Bank, field, through the exhibition of in-depth understand, basically master has local anti-theft alarm market of rules, next, we not only to and local quality of Security Enterprise reached cooperation, into to more of field in the, also plans will Ai Lian powerful of cooperation partners network expansion to Brazil. Believe in the future, in Brazil and in burglar alarm market expansion in South America, we will have greater initiative.

                                                                                       Reprint: HC security network