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Security integration business development opportunities and challenges under the new economy

  • Author:SMQT
  • Source:Security network
  • Release on:2016-05-30

  HC security networkIn recent years, China security industry rapid development of security industry, securityProductsManufacturing showing a trend of centralization, development is more prominent, especially in the Yangtze River Delta areas. From the development of the global economy, the global economic crisis in the world economy into the "adjustment" and "transition" period, this time with China's periodic overlay of factors determines the growth rate of China's economy, the gradual fall of the "new normal" period. Since 2010, the adjustment of China's macroeconomic indicators showed several new phenomenon: the first, with GDP growth to gradually come down, CPI has remained relatively stable, not overall deflation; second, with GDP growth falling below 8% levels, employment levels have not worsened, but improved in the continuous development of the service industry; the third is a lot of financialEnterpriseFinancial indicators are still good, but the overall financial risk have continued to rise. For the development of security systems integration enterprise, and economic "new normal" offers some opportunities, but challenges also exist side by side.


    Services across development and project management challenges

    In 2013, the service industry added value exceeded the industrial added value, service industry has become China's largest employment, creating jobs than manufacturing. System integration project just completed projects in the future, owners would prefer a good operation and maintenance services, system integration enterprise services will become the key to reflect the value of the project.

    Intensive urbanization will contribute to economies of scale, a number of large infrastructure projects to drive the security and videoMonitoringIndustry development. From domestic industry development trends, security products have sprung up in manufacturing performance over the leader, had a major impact on overall security industry chain. Security manufacturing industry are relatively developed Pearl River Delta is the area in the past, but now domestic security industry's Center of gravity is offset to the Yangtze River Delta region. Leading security manufacturersMarketingNetwork all over the country, even opening up the many overseas markets, relying on its scale of supply chain management capacity and research and development capabilities of industry reshuffle.

    Small changes throughout the industry chain to promote the past security products manufacturer and productAgentsGradually transitioning from System Integrator team growing breakdown characteristics appear gradually, in fact this is also in line with the overall economic situation in the domestic "new normal" under development, the manufacturing sector will decline. With intensive development of manufacturing industry in China and the drop in the demographic dividend, rising service industries is an inevitable trend. For the development of system integrators, rising service bound to bring more market opportunities, but at the same time increasing industry competitors, also brings a competitive challenge. Systems integrator in the market form, how to make use of their experience and project management skills to enhance competitiveness will become the focus of development.

    Easy to implement system integration business for small projects, and cost controls in place, while the enterprise-level projects, the projects are more complicated, you need to set up a dedicated project management team, have high requirements for personnel qualification and ability. Large project to include project management team of General Manager, technical manager, five officers (cost, Builder, quality inspector, information officer, security officer), first officers be equipped with in place, the project manager should have the management capacity, able to project cost, quality, security, progress, risks, changes and other multi-faceted angles to control the project. Many system integration project is the most difficult to control costs, tend to change more, if project managers fail to grasp the change and change visa costs often exceed the budget of the project. Now, when many large projects are often completed to conduct special audits the accounts, by project managers and cost accounting actuarial can often control the project cost, get a reasonable profit.

                                                                         Reprint: China network security industry