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Cut into the smart home building intercom army Kaijiangtuotu

  • Source:Science and Technology Network
  • Release on:2016-01-12
Cut into the smart home building intercom army Kaijiangtuotu

HC Security Network News Security industry is a collection of integrated applications, a variety of industries, has become China's national economy "sunrise industry", it is also with the economic development of China's situation presents its own development curve. Security industry has its particularity, the affected national policies more apparent. The first half of 2015 ushered in the security market, a lot of good policy, accompanied by recovery in overseas markets,Civil SecurityTo further expand the market, the security industry as a whole is moving towards a new stage of development. With the continuous development of various digital technology, the past few years the security industry is moving digital, intelligent, network-oriented development, in technology and market environment is not what the background, the industry entered a new stage of development, some of the segments such asBuilding intercomMarket have a greater change.


    As early as in 2011 to 2012, the industry appeared large building intercom manufacturers cut field of intelligent home phenomenon, the past few years major building intercom companies pioneering in the field of intelligent home territory, and some companies in this market to gradually dig "gold", of course, some days are not so good business. But overall, this area is still a beautiful temptation.

    First, smart home gradually growing prosperous in an increasingly competitive

    2014, smart home can be considered truly a fire, swept away more than a decade, "tepid" scene, there has been an "affinity wisdom" craze, Apple, Google, Microsoft, Baidu and other major giants is lit The main cause of this market, they soon make the market more than ever in this area of ​​concern. Smart home development to the present, in the Internet technology advances, now emerged on the market a lot of light intelligent products, intelligent boxes and other products, a flourishing time, vying great potential.

    At the same vendor type of smart home is now more diverse. Specifically, the current smart home manufacturers main types: first, security companies, especially building intercom manufacturers are an important part of the field of intelligent home, new residential building intercom products is essential systems built on this basis smart home convenient and effective, without additional equipment. Second, household electrical appliance enterprises is an important force in the smart home currently on the market, and its main advantage is rich product category, you can better achieve this brand of appliance control; intelligent control intelligent control system manufacturers have a more in-depth understanding and technology accumulation We can customize a variety of intelligent products. Third, Apple, Google, millet as the representative of Internet companies, which have the ability to smart phones and other Internet-port control and the development of Internet applications, the introduction of smart home gateways.

    From now, the standards are restricting the development of smart home shackles, since the standards are not uniform, smart home development is still long way to go. Prior to like our "e home good" and "IGRS" and other standards alliance, but these alliances rather negative controversy. Due to the lack of mandatory standards promote each standard to win their business stand, there are no guidelines for the industry which can be a common standard to follow, can not achieve the desired results. Smart home is very broad involves a complex system, with updated technology, intelligent family, is increasingly easy and convenient as possible, there will be more and more in different sectors of the enterprise enter the smart home field, so in the future for a long period of time years, starting from different companies will launch their own business features a variety of smart home, this situation will continue contending for some time.

    Second, cut into the smart home, building intercom multi-angle

    New residential building intercom system is an essential system, carrying defend the family, community safety important responsibility. System due to depth in households, 24 hours a day, dominate the living room, communities and families to occupy the entrance, with a certain user stickiness, the application of the floor carrying the wisdom and intelligence communities of the city, has a natural advantage.

    Capable of carrying smart home building intercom function, depends on the development of digital technology. Digital technology to enhance the information collection, transmission, processing, performance display, enhanced security and anti-jamming capabilities. From a technical point of view, it can be a good solution after two networked Intercom digitized analog system is difficult to solve the main problem: the problem of long-distance audio and video transmission and networking multi-channel issues and can be used as a digital video terminals nodes integrate with home alarm, home lighting systems, home appliances control system. In addition, the current bandwidth of nation-building for the development of the smart home building intercom bandwidth to provide a good foundation. As in 2013 the State Council issued the "broadband China" strategy plan, broadband households will rise to a national strategy, based on telecommunications networks, radio networks, technical functions of the Internet tends to be consistent with the scope of business tends to be the same network interconnection, sharing of resources, for the development of digital building intercom and intelligent home network provides the foundation, the ability to integrate a variety of community functions, such as announcements, pictures / messages, electronic albums, security alarm, access control, intelligent home, community shopping and community health, and other functions and value-added services.

    In this context, building intercom enterprises in the smart home industry is an inevitable trend, but the smart home has a very long chain, including hardware products, software products, integration and installation services, after-sales and so on, so the cross industry consolidation and development has become an important development direction of future building intercom enterprises. From now, the building intercom enterprises to enter the field of intelligent home, mainly in the following entry points:

    1, home appliance control. Appliance control occupies a pivotal position in the smart home, home appliances control can effectively prevent the risk of fire incidents and other events take place. In Li Lin, for example, the way to achieve appliance control is mainly based on radio frequency technology to build includes a home gateway and several communication sub-node. In the home gateway and each wireless communication sub-node configuration wireless transceiver module, data and control information between the gateway and in the sub-node to transmit, to achieve mutual sharing of information flow.

    2, alarm monitoring. Intelligent home alarm monitoring is an important part of good business is the best security, building intercom enterprises in the development of this part of the development of the smart home business is relatively well placed to exploit. For example, in Li Lin of digital communities, the digital door machine, wall unit, households intelligent terminals and other equipment have been installed to monitorcamera. Fusion 3G era, mobile communications network and WLAN systems, allowing users to achieve "any time, any place, any terminal" seamless wirelessVideo SurveillanceUsers can log in anytime, anywhere via the mobile terminal device for viewing said. By installing infraredAlarm,gasdetector, Smoke detectors, door detectors alarm detectors, when the user is out, can be set to arm state, when the house of fire, gas leak, burglarytheftAnd some other events, home of the various types of probes and sensors will issue feedback, household intelligent terminal can automatically send an alarm message to the user's terminal, allowing users to receive real-time alarm information and pictures for the first time, and in a timely manner Information residential property management center for treatment, guarantee safety in the home.

    3, cloud computing and networking. In recent years, the development trend of smart home field, in addition to some of the original lighting control, infrared control, curtain control, remote control and other related technologies, to RFID as the representative of Things sensor technology, identification technology has been widely used. With the high development and application of the networking industry in the future each item may have its own identification mark, are to be transferred to the backend system logic-processing, mining and analysis can be achieved only through the cloud of data, the future smart home field, cloud technology and networking technology will become an important support platform, which is able to explore the direction of the enterprise.

    4. CommunityE-commerce. Using digital technology and network technology, widely used in building intercom rely on community-wide, intelligent home can create a community e-commerce sites, the formation of community-service units, meet consumer demand community e-commerce platform. At present, many companies are building intercom to try to develop this talent.

    Third, the conclusion

    Digital building intercom fundamentally change the development bottleneck intercom system so smart home and building intercom binding as possible, to the smart home industry to bring a new industry opportunities, and in conjunction with the intelligent home intercom system further intercom system to improve appreciation of space, cost-effective system has also been improved, so that the application of the new system is more extensive. Future digital intercom will carry more home control functions, and smart home system more perfect combination.