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2016 Spring National Security gathering will

2016 Spring National Security gathering will

mingqian CPS] net 2016-01-11 12:02:54
"Yu Hitomi - - 2016 Spring National Security gathering will be"

Held in Shenzhen

 Beginning of the year. Chinese security industry ushered in a remarkable feast. 2015, look at the Chinese market, security and other industries occurred Profound changes: Because the Internet +, the security industry is changing. Accelerate the pace of corporate survival of the fittest in digital security experience in accelerating innovation, industry integration pace is accelerating, accelerating the integration of security services, civilian home security Anti-market growth is accelerating. Affected by these factors, the number of enterprises in the fierce competition in the market behind the times, out of the fusion technology changes. Especially small business video surveillance Shenzhen has been a huge influence, a number of both No technology and no brand influence directly the collapse of small businesses, there are some companies in the past from the manufacturer becomes Contractors or out of the security industry, security industry is facing the grim situation.


According to the survey of China Public Security Magazine, 2014 Security Industry-wide growth rate of 10.7 percent, the national security industry output value of 430 billion. 2015, National Security industry output To 486 billion, an increase of 13%. From these data, the security industry has maintained a steady growth, mainly due to safe city, anti-terrorism emergency, smart city construction and civil security applications market. 2015 Shenzhen security industry growth rate is 8%, lower than the national average growth of the security industry (13%), the output value reached 142 billion yuan, accounting for the decline in the proportion of the security industry as a whole. 142 billion yuan in output value , The security products contributed 60 billion yuan, accounting for 42%; integrated engineering and services business for the 82 billion yuan, accounting for 58%. The number of enterprises and employees also declined. By the end of 2015, Shenzhen inclusion Statistical security companies a total of 4100, representing a decrease of 7 percent last year, which reduced the more than 280 manufacturers, integrated engineering and service providers to increase slightly. Shenzhen is a problem to upgrade security companies must face.

Shenzhen Security Industry Association, CPS Angola network organized by China Public Security Magazine, Dongguan City-Pupil Optical Technology Co., Ltd. the title of "National Security Spring 2016 gathering will be" on January 7 in Shenzhen Window of the World Caesar Palace was held.

In gathering the meeting, we carried out a "2016 China Security New Perspective," the dialogue. Shenzhen CPPCC member and vice president of the Shenzhen Municipal Security Industry Association, Yang Peng served as president of Angola Media Dialogue chaired People, guests participate are: Chinese security surveillance storage industry alliance president, vice president, Seagate Technology and the Asia-Pacific region and the global Sun Dan, president of China, China UAV industry alliance director, country director of Eagle Aviation Technology Co., Ltd. Long Song Hong, China Biometrics Technology Innovation Industry Alliance chairman, Fu Wei, Shenzhen Security Technology Co., Ltd. Chairman Zhang Shaolin, China Building Industry Alliance chairman wisdom, Xiamen Electronic Technology Co., Ltd., general manager of Nike Di Miao Guodong, Chinese law enforcement recorder technology innovation Industry Alliance chairman, Shenzhen police wing Technology Co., Ltd. Chairman Rong Qin, Chinese security systems integration technology innovation Industry Alliance chairman, Shenzhen Fu Jin Tianwei information and communication technologies Limited chairman Fu Kuo River, Hebei Security Alarm Network Ltd. Gengwen Hai, general manager, deputy general manager of Shenzhen DVISION Ltd. Lou static. The dialogue will be co-ordinate the security industry on the Union's Lien different areas Content of cross-border cooperation discussed.


China Security Association, honorary chairman Liu Xiaochuan Major General Sir Richard global security alliance, Ministry of Public Security Police Equipment chief expert Mr. Tao Junsheng, the Ministry of Science and Technology Information Bureau, former deputy director, Shenzhen Security Cattle 晋先生 Association expert committee director, Urumqi Municipal Government Deputy Secretary-General Ms. Shang Yulan, Mr. Ma Jianshan director of Jiangxi Provincial Public Security Police Department, Mr. Wang Yinqi Shenzhen Federation President, the Shenzhen Municipal Public Security Bureau police video Detachment Vice Captains Mr. Chen Baojun, Mr. Shenzhen Municipal Public Security Bureau director 石敬铭 Jifang Ban, Minister of Industry and Commerce of Shenzhen Mr. Wu Xiaozhong, president of China Public Security Magazine, Shenzhen Security Industry Association party secretary, president Yang Mr. Jin Cai, Dongguan City-Pupil Optical Technology Co., Ltd. Chairman Mr. Zhang Pinguang, Chinese security surveillance storage industry alliance chairman, Seagate vice president of science and technology worldwide, President, Asia Pacific, Miss Sun Dan, president of China, the Straits two President of the Economic and Trade Exchange Association Wangzhong Quan shore gentleman, Mr. Director, Futian District, Shenzhen Enterprise Service Center 冯向阳, China UAV Industry Alliance chairman Mr. Song Hong, China Biometric Technology Industry Alliance chairman 张少林 first Health, Chinese wisdom Building Industry Alliance chairman Mr. Miao Guodong, China image display technology innovation Industry Alliance chairman Mr. Ji Gang, Chinese law enforcement recorder Industry Alliance chairman Mr. Rong Qin, Chinese security system integrators yield Industry Alliance chairman Mr. Fu Kuo River, China's smart tachograph Industry Alliance chairman Mr. Tang Yong, China cloud Industry Alliance chairman Mr. Tan Youbin parking, Chinese smart bullets cabinet Industry Alliance chairman Mr. Li Quan and other fine roots Bin and from Guangzhou, Dongguan, Zhuhai, Kunming, Yunnan, Guangxi, Hainan, Xiamen, Quanzhou, Nanchang, Hangzhou, Nanjing, Shanghai, Qingdao, Shandong, Hebei, Henan, Hubei, Hunan, Tianjin, north Beijing, Inner Mongolia, Gansu, Ningxia, Qinghai, Xinjiang and other 29 provinces, autonomous regions and public security science and technology, security associations and 26 provincial head of security companies responsible for a total of more than 1,000 people gathered at the table of friendship.


Dongguan City-pupil Optical Technology Co., Ltd. Chairman Zhang products light


Sun Dan Chinese security surveillance storage industry alliance chairman, Seagate vice president of science and technology worldwide, and president of China President of Asia Pacific


Urumqi Municipal Government Deputy Secretary-General Shang Yulan


Shenzhen Security Industry Association party secretary, president Yang only

According to the annual report of the Association of Shenzhen Security Industry Association party secretary, president of Mr. Yang Jincai show, as the country's largest, most influential local security association, Shenzhen, Shenzhen Security Association is in charge of the Ministry of Civil Affairs Door rated 4A Grade Association, more than 1,700 existing members, more than 100 new members each year, members throughout the country 26 provinces and cities. Beginning of each year at the annual grand reception here are welcome from across the country Shenzhen Security Association to business representatives and the winners. As the country's highest annual security sector, the largest event for the industry most affected so far it has been successfully held the ninth. It brings together the most famous Chairman and CEO of the business, experts, scholars, government officials in charge of industry, the security industry has become the communications industry's most influential, dialogue and exchange platform. It can be said that the security industry wisdom gathered gluttonous feast.

China Security Industry After thirty years of development, has become an important industry in the national economy indispensable, more and more attention from all parties. In recognition of the development of China's security industry has made outstanding contributions People, by the Chinese Public Security magazine's "Outstanding Contribution Award for the Third China Security" was announced. After six months of preparation, judging, Chinese security Outstanding Contribution Award Committee has nationwide Including receipt of government departments in charge of the security industry sources, the President of the Security Association, technical experts and relevant personalities of 36 dossiers from four aspects contribute to the development of the industry, innovation, social responsibility, influence and other feed Line-finding mission, comprehensive consideration, and ultimately determine the "Third China Security Outstanding Contribution Award list." They are: Li Mingfu, deputy director of the Ministry of Public Security Counterterrorism Center, the Director of Information Technology at the Hebei Provincial Public Security Technology Zheng Dongsheng, Gansu province public An Office of Science and Technology Department Director left Hong Bo, Director of Information Technology Department of Science and Technology of Qinghai Province Public Security Bureau Zhao Jianping, Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region Public Security Bureau Hu Yinping science and technology information, the Director of the Public Security Bureau in Hubei Province Wang Yuhui letter, the Shanghai Public Security Bureau Security Corps deputy chief Zhao Yuanming, education and training at the Public Security Department Director Luo Min Dong Jiangxi, Hunan Public Security Bureau Information Office Director Zhou Jie, Shandong Province Public Security Department, Ji Fangban director Meng Xiaoguang, Changzhou City, Jiangsu Province Public Security Bureau detachment of anti-technology branch Captain Ren Zhi.

China Security Outstanding Contribution Award of the original intention was to deepen the understanding of people outside the industry development process of China's security industry, while the Chinese security industry pioneer who show respect and recognition, and people with meritorious service companies within the industry to give publicity and recognition, thereby record the history of the development of the industry major memory node.

It was presented at the annual gathering ten cutting-edge security products industry has become an annual event awards for its corporate brand offers a wide range of platforms, with a huge branding value. After a year of reporting, display, comment Election, the current top ten cutting-edge products are carefully selected from 125 products, after the announcement, a total of 39 products stand out, including high-definition network cameras, platform / storage device series, intelligent security series, intelligent Home series four categories of awards. Panasonic, Samsung, Hikvision, Zhejiang Dahua, Yu-visual, Tyco and other award-winning enterprise products. New technologies and new products are always market warming "heater", "China Top Ten cutting-edge security Product "in the industry caused a positive response, the industry proved once again focus on new products.

Meanwhile, at this gathering it was also solemnly announced the "Fourth China Security Top Ten Most Influential Brands" award, "the second Jingyongzhuangbei top ten brands" award. At the meeting, in order to better GeZongLianHeng play row Unity and cooperation among alliance between the industry, the Chinese security surveillance storage industry alliance, China UAV Industry Alliance, China biometric technology innovation Industry Alliance, China Wisdom Industrial Alliance building, Chinese law enforcement recorder scientific and technological innovation New Industry Alliance, China Security Systems Integration Technology Innovation Industry Alliance, China image display technology innovation and industry alliance, Coalition of Service Industries eight Chinese police scene Union Leader signed a strategic cooperation agreement.

Then, Shenzhen Security Industry Association and the data center in Guiyang City, the big data exchanges signed a strategic cooperation agreement in the field of commercial applications; National 40 Security EOD equipment research and development, production and distribution companies signed the China Security EOD Industry Alliance launched Founded proposal.

In 2015, despite the impact of various factors, China's security industry still gained rapid development, full-year growth of approximately 11%. Now, security has entered the high-definition era intelligence to intelligent monitoring, HD video, automatic identification, intelligent operating system as the representative of the smart applications are widely popular. With the in-depth development of IT security, intelligence, networking, cloud computing, mobile monitoring, networking, triple play and other new Xing concepts and techniques has gained.

2016, an application triggered by the Internet security business change, will be the next important engine of economic growth of the security industry. With the advent of intelligent security products, intelligent and innovative emerging, the future of the security industry full of infinite expectations. Let's gathering will be a starting point and work together, depicting the security industry a new course of development.