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Face recognition principles and applications in the access control system

  • Source:Reproduced
  • Release on:2016-04-07

inAccessIdentify ways in which credit card and fingerprint or palm prints are familiar, but also use up to two access control identification systems, today'll tell you about the face recognitionWing gatesAccess control system application advantages, hope to help you learn more aboutWing gatesknowledge.

BecauseWing gatesIn face recognition using visible light to obtain full face image information, which is different from a fingerprint recognition or iris recognition wing gate, we need to use the electronic pressure sensor to collect fingerprint or iris image acquisition using infrared light, these special acquisition mode easily be noticed thus more likely to be disguised deception.

And Recognition unnoticed is also very important, so does not cause offensive recognition is considered one of the most even research artificial intelligence wing gates problems biometric recognition. Face Recognition wing gate is the main problem people face as a biometric features brought.

Face in the visual has two characteristics, one is little distinction between different individuals, all of whom face similar structures, evenhuman faceStructure and shape of organs are very similar. Such features are positioned to take advantage of favorable human face, but for the use of the face distinguish individual human being is unfavorable; secondly shape face very chaos, one can generate a lot of changes in facial expression through, and in different viewing angle, face visual images vary greatly, in addition, face recognition wing gate is also affected by light conditions (such as day and night, indoor and outdoor, etc.), face a lot of covering (such as masks, sunglasses, hair , beard, etc.), age and many other factors.

So in wing gatehuman faceIdentifying first type of change is a distinction should be enlarged scale of the individual, and the second type of change should be eliminated, because they can represent individuals unity. The first change is usually referred to as inter-class changes, and said second type of change within the class change. For the face, often greater than the variation within a class between class changes, so that in the case of interference by the change in the type of change between the use of class distinction became very individual problems.