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How to reflect the wisdom of the security system

  • Author:Huang Haijing
  • Source:Huaqiang Network Security
  • Release on:2016-04-28

    Abstract: As more and more new ideas are introduced into the security industry, such as: unmanned aerial vehicles, VR, robots, etc., the scope of this wisdom security system will become increasingly broad functions will be more powerful .

    [CPSMore big data, smartAngola Network cps.com.cn]Year 2014,SecurityIndustry gradually introduce and deepen the concept of Internet +, thereby introducing more and more, integrated industry applications, so the security argument wisdom slowly born. After two years of development, the concept of security intelligence gradually mature, today's security intelligence, wisdom, two fonts now where are they? The so-called security, security that is safe forSecurity Industrythe goal of. Defense: Prevention is, for the security industry means. The so-called wisdom security, is based on modern science and technology for the protection of the civil air defense, physical defense, anti-technology tightly want to combine, forming a complete security system. The system can be divided into:Video Surveillance,Anti-theft alarm,Insight,Building intercom, Access control, etc. sub-categories, so as to effectively guarantee our work, study, recreation, transportation and other daily life.

Video Surveillance

In the "Monitoring the analog era" Videosurveillance systemThe main task is to collect images. With HDWeb video cameraPopularity H.265,4K, cloud data and other technologies, today's surveillance system has been given three missions: monitoring, screening and analysis. With both the monitor image quality or contrast escalating nowVideo surveillance equipmentImage acquisition is only the first and most simple step. Following that screening the image, which is some of the software front-end equipment proposed test: Which is static target, which is a dynamic targets, which need to lock dynamic targets. At the front endSecurity cameraAfter screening out possible targets, smart security systems and rely on the back-end cloud, big data computing, analysis, whether there is a threat obtain objective factors to determine whether to activate the alarm.If the conventional surveillance cameras just a pair of eyes, then in intelligent security systems, intelligent surveillance cameras is a guard 24 hours without a break.

Anti-theft alarm

Anti-theft alarm systemAlways belong complementary relationship with the monitoring system, as mentioned above: when the monitoring system to capture the threat factors, have led to the alarm system. Intelligent anti-theft alarm system itself so it? Are intelligent anti-theft alarm, the most important manifestations in the fact that the false alarm rate. Overly sensitive alarm system generates excessive alarm information, it will make people feel tired, wasting a lot of manpower and resources. The difference in sensitivity over the alarm system if not a waste of manpower and resources, but once ignored the real threat alert, the consequences could be disastrous. So intelligent burglar alarm security intelligence apparatus has been also a major issue, now, first of all for different environments, the burglar alarm devices are added appliance control module,BiometricsModule, network module, video module, family financial security, voice communications, home automation, living environment monitoring and other functions into one, to become a new intelligent terminal entrance. Second, the type of alarm can increase the detection device: The access infrared detector, door sensor, smoke detectors, gas detectors. Through intelligent analysis of different devices, and ultimately tell whether the threat is real, whether the alarm is enabled.

Access control

Access control system is the security industry's most fit "defense" of the word, Miscellaneous mostly generated only after the threat of the role, and access control systems and vice versa. Today's access control system is no longer merely Barrier,Security doorLike so simple, but to designCard, Building intercom, biometrics, etc. with a series of "verification" functionality. Intelligent access control system is mainly reflected in these "verification" device combination places such as subways, shopping malls. Intelligent access control equipment out of the general population is divided into three levels: permission levels by grade and dangerous levels. The so-called privilege level is the user or administrator access control devices, they can unhindered access control device itself, the most common means of access such as the campus, most of the teachers just hold the card or database recorded biometric devices, you can helpless or unblocked by using these devices. The second level through the ranks, the more commonly used for the subway or shopping mall, as long as access through the monitoring of dangerous goods or hold tickets, tickets, etc., can be recognized by devices and assured. The intelligent access control system, is particularly reflected in the third level: the level of danger. This level is generally reflected in the detected device checked out wanted, without permission belongings out stealer body. On this level, intelligent access control system will lock the entrance, and start the alarm or defensive skills, shut out the threat. And for the entire intelligence security system, it is the combination of these intelligent devices. In this system, each device each perform their duties, to form an effective whole and thus build a security system. As more and more new ideas are introduced into the security industry, such as: unmanned aerial vehicles, VR, robots, etc., the scope of this wisdom security system will become increasingly broad functions will be more powerful.