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Fingerprint, Lead a new wave of applications of ID card

  • Author:Snoppy Huang
  • Source:Security Exhibition Website
  • Release on:2016-06-21
Fingerprint, Lead a new wave of applications of ID card 
      Recently, the Chinese Ministry of Public Security has finally released the identity card application fingerprint algorithm provider, so far, this lasted nearly two years of application of fingerprint identification algorithm selection resident officially ended, also indicates that the fingerprint identification will be officially landed execution in support of national policy, biometrics will also set off a new wave of industrial applications again. 
     Everything is ready, ID card fingerprint algorithm and hardware selection completed
      Identity card can be said that the only way to authenticate the citizenship information carrier core, but there is identity theft phenomenon occurs in everyday life, which brings bad credit to card holders, property loss and other serious impact. In order to ensure the application of social identity card registration fingerprint information, in fact, as early as 2012, Chinese Ministry of Public Security promulgated the "GA1012-2012 identity card and fingerprint matching technical specifications", the standard specifies the identity card and fingerprint ratio on request, fingerprint algorithm specifications and test methods, and the same period of the ID card fingerprint sensor selection work.
      Subsequently, in order to ensure the application of fingerprint algorithm also has quasi-legal basis for the 2014 Chinese Ministry of Public Security has organized a fingerprint identity card application selection algorithm work. After the system testing, expert committee review and selection, etc., before the Chinese Ministry of Public Security Tian Cheng Sheng Industry recommended contain seven, including fingerprint identification fingerprint application provider for residents algorithm provider.
Fingerprint collection, fingerprint application algorithm selection series work to a successful landing, also declared from the algorithm to the device, identity card fingerprint information applications now have a standard, but also in the selection of two of the Chinese Ministry of Public Security is also working with community permit departments to provide a fingerprint vendor selected direction, after all, also nominated fingerprint algorithm providers and application providers fingerprint scanner is not a simple matter, at least with the department to ensure that the technical standards certified vendors.
      Only a strong wind, identity card fingerprint information needs of various industries to promote the application
      ID card fingerprint recognition technology hardware and algorithms have a standard ID card fingerprint information wants to be universal application, in addition to the Chinese Ministry of Public Security to promote, it also needs the financial, telecommunications, transportation, education, health care and other social use permit Sheng Tiancheng strong cooperation with the industry and other sectors by the China Ministry of Public Security have recommended the fingerprint algorithm provider, identity card fingerprint information application will get the maximum popularity.
      Under the impetus of China's Ministry of Public Security and various business lines, fingerprint identification will be confirmed in the following scenarios with certified personnel identity through scientific means to ensure effective witnesses unity.
      Bookmark and loans: banks and other financial institutions through the introduction of identity cards and fingerprint device fingerprint algorithm is applied when customers apply for loans and other services, through the fingerprint information of the fingerprint information collected at the scene and police library reserved for comparison, you can effectively prevent fraudulent use of identity cards to borrow cash and other wrongful act occurred, in fact, the Postal Savings Bank, letters and other banks have to join farmers in Jiangsu Sheng Tiancheng fingerprint recognition technology into the credit system.
       Bookmark and phone cards: phone card now real name system mainly for identity verification by the second generation ID card reader, but can not prevent fraudulent use of ID card phone card via integrated fingerprint module in the second generation ID card reader, and then Sheng Tiancheng supporting industry and other eligible residents of Chinese Ministry of Public Security have recommended fingerprint identification algorithm is applied, it will be able to effectively ensure the unity of witnesses.
       Real-name system for train tickets: Passengers are required to show identification when ticket stop, train station north of Guangzhou-Shenzhen-tier cities are average daily flow of up to 200 million, or more during the Spring Festival, just by the staff manual verification of identity, not only artificial comparison error, and greatly increased the pressure on staff, the introduction of identity cards and fingerprint identification system, we can quickly carry out the passenger identity verification through scientific means.
       Real-name system certification candidates: Hebei Education Examination Yuan in early 2012 to join hands in Sheng Tiancheng industry will fingerprint authentication technology into the college entrance examination session, but students fingerprint workload before the entrance is quite large, and the introduction of identity cards fingerprint after the message, the organization school without fingerprint acquisition candidates, candidates only need to read the ID card and fingerprint information of the candidates during the examination by the hand-held terminal, it can be collected at the scene of the candidates within the fingerprint identification fingerprint stored for comparison to eliminate the teicoplanin staff fingerprint false registration loopholes in the school organization fingerprint work, to a greater extent take the test negative phenomenon.
       Bookmark and hotel occupancy: show identification although hotel guests are required to check in, but the phenomenon of false occupancy still occur frequently, caused great inconvenience for travelers lodging real name registration. By fingerprint identity card application information, check the hotel requires all passengers fingerprint verification, both to ensure the identity of passengers, but also to prevent opportunistic criminals evade arrest, and thus defend the public safety. 
    In the future, fingerprint identification will be everywhere
       Fingerprint recognition as one of the most mature biometric technology, from the smart phone market, the identity card must be registered fingerprint, to marriage and divorce must also be fingerprint authentication, fingerprint identification has been gradually integrated into the full range of public life, I believe in the near future, fingerprint recognition in our lives everywhere