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Infrared Beam Sensor

  • Author:Helen Li
  • Release on:2016-06-21
Infrared Beam Sensor 

Compared with the PIR motion sensors, the infrared beam sensor with the advantage of pet-immunity, low-false alarm rate, as well as weatherproof and non-sensitive to changes of temperature. The infrared beam sensors are widely used for the perimeter protection of security from residential to commercial. 

How the Beam Sensor Works ?

The Infrared beam sensor adopts the active infrared technology. It consists of transmitter and receiver. Transmitter and receiver installed opposite each other. When the infrared beams are interrupted, the detector will set off the alarm. With the reasons of utilizing multi-beams, the detector with the immunity for the pets and small animal.

How to use the IR beam sensor ?

Generally, most of IR beam sensor are using the hardwired connection method. The IR beam sensor with terminal of power input, N.O. (Normal Open) and N.C. (Normal Close) dry contact output, and Tamper output.

Using the dry contact output, the IR beam sensor can work with driveaway alarms, burglar alarm system, video surveillance system, access control system, automation system...etc.