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Fire Alarm

  • Author:Helen Li
  • Release on:2016-07-19
Fire Alarm 

Type JB-QB-3100/127 zone fire alarm controller is a 3’rd generation of product of 2 line controller for analogue addressable fire detector. It is CMOS circuit, LCD display, which special point of display capacity is big, a power loss is low. 

It is especially pointed that this is a new generation of fire detection alarm system, which is SCM microcomputer and an analogue signal sampling of A/D converter, a processing technology of transfer and floating fixed value, so these detectors can be monitored and controlled in case of working condition in fieldwork by fire alarm controller, cut down fault detection rate, enhance the reliability fire alarm system.  

This fire alarm controller can be consist of zone centralized 2 class automatic fire alarm system, which can be used with type JTY-LZ-3100 of ion smoke detector, JTW-ZD-3100 heat detector, J-SAP-3100A manual call point. Of course, it is also be applicably provided in hotel, shop, PMS system, store and so on.