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Residential home security equipment and Prevention Introduction

  • Author:Guowei Qi
  • Source:SMQT
  • Release on:2016-07-20
Pulse electronic fence - residential area where one can often see the electronic fence, many people do not understand it. Electronic fence by the perception of change, that is, if someone is climbing, the electronic fence will alarm. Once the alarm, then supporting the camera will be positioned to lock specific location, which is the background for many managers, will be convenient.
  Community access identification management system - mainly used to confirm the household owners out of district management, including personnel access and vehicle access control. The general situation is the high-end residential non-contact smart card RF card as identity cards, the use of personnel and vehicles are the only valid identity card, and out of low-end cell directly using artificial management.
  Parking Management System - residential parking management of public security is an important part of cell management. Currently, most high-end cell vehicle to achieve non-contact readers are out of district and parking. General reading distance 5-50 meters, high-end can achieve long-distance 20-25 meters vehicle identification, do not stop out of recognition by the computer to complete the charge management. Meanwhile, also in residential parking entrance and parking lot video surveillance equipment installed inside, to achieve vehicle access and parking camera monitoring and management.
  Electronic Patrol Management System - refers to a cell in each region to determine the key parts of security personnel patrol routes, and install patrol site. Patrol officers armed with sticks and Patrol information button patrol point of contact and information point to deposit Patrol Patrol rods. After the patrol officers patrol is completed, the property management center, will patrol the end of the rod into the computer transmission, transmission will patrol stick the information into the computer. Patrol management system can check and manage the work of the patrol officers, patrol officers to detect whether slack and incompetence, and check whether the provisions of the road patrol officers and patrol predetermined time, effectively put an end due to the negligence of security personnel caused security risks.
  Video intercom system - the family intelligent terminal integrated video intercom, no additional extension set indoor video intercom function can be realized, while the family intelligent terminal integrated surveillance monitoring, video, audio, telephone, etc. function to enhance the functionality of the grade family intelligent terminals and expand its position as the intelligent control unit function space.
  Anti-theft locks - how to distinguish between the new and the old door? For the anti-theft lock, if half the key is inserted into the lock, then unscrew live push in, push into the door lock is new, it belongs to the structure of the plating, anti-theft performance is relatively high. If the old door, then push in when screwing live by the resistance, do not push in, anti-theft performance of this lock will be relatively poor. Good security lock also need to make good use of it, to achieve maximum effect. Before going out or going to sleep, the door will be locked, it can play a very good effect.
  Video surveillance system - Summer is the high incidence of burglary, a lot of people for ventilation, often forget to shut the windows go out, which would give thieves an opportunity. If you can see in real time the situation at home, so do not worry. Video surveillance system that allows you to well aware of the situation at home. Surveillance cameras can be facing the door of the house, facing the windows or in front of the living room, if someone came in or any accident happened, it will alarm. Surveillance cameras for families with children or elderly pet collar, it is also very helpful. Surveillance cameras can also serve as a deterrent, the suspect locked in a goal, when he saw the overhead camera may stop stretch black hands.