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Intelligence community needs to pay attention to what issues?

  • Author:SMOT
  • Release on:2016-06-01
Pursuit of intelligence, technology and promotes the construction of city of beauty, in the construction of smart city, smart communities, people in unceasingly diligently, while there have been some problems.

  As a key link in the smart city-building process, wisdom what problems have been encountered in the construction of the community?

  Intelligent product waiting with high costs, low popularity

  Intelligent products for its intelligent and convenient, the advantages of high-tech people in hot pursuit, but not all residents are aware of the existence of these high-tech, and not all residents are buying these products on the tall. Popularization of intelligent products by income level, influence of the acceptance from widespread popularity have to work hard to overcome these factors.

  Intelligent products and the technology is not yet mature, "pseudo intellectual" that bedevil

  Because intelligent intelligent technology has not reached a certain level, these products give users will need to create difficulties. For example, alarm products, user has only left the House to openAnti-theft alarmThe system, once the back must guard against theftAlarm systemShutdown, will be issued a false alarm signal. These "pseudo intellectual" brought a lot of inconvenience to the residents.

  Internet technology application needs to be further

  In recent years, the full integration of Internet technology with traditional intelligence community information technology solutions gradually emerged, and in some developed areas, has not been widely used. With wisdom, intelligence community-specific content, one of the home, it is integrated home control network and information network platform for multimedia information network in one, requires a lot of combination of networking technology. But for now, these Internet communities still in the design or test operation phase, excavation of the demand for Internet applications is not sufficient.

  Intelligent systems are incomplete

  In the macro sense, intelligence community-building is not limited to familyMonitoringAlarm,Anti-theft alarmSmart HomeConstruction and application of the system, should also include family community public service system of public administration. Families within and outside the home systems linked to the common form of intelligent Community system.

  Intelligence community's ultimate goal is to achieve "waste management" objectives through information technology, to further improve the community services, facilitate the masses. To step up publicity to make full use of these services for the convenience of the masses, and really enjoy the convenience of intelligence community-building.