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Innovative technologies in the field of public security video surveillance

  • Author:SMQT
  • Source:Huawei ICT Horizons
  • Release on:2016-05-31
    Abstract: intelligence analysis, cloud computing, cloud storage and large data mining and many other innovative technologies for public safety in the field of technological innovation had a profound impact. With the continuous development of video surveillance technology and business needs of public security, public safety video surveillance in the planning and construction of key needs, is to enhance the transition from quantity to quality management application distribution.
    Intelligent analysis, cloud computing, cloud storage and large data mining and many other innovative technologies for public safety in the field of technological innovation had a profound impact. With the continuous development of video surveillance technology and business needs of public security, public safety video surveillance in the planning and construction of key needs, is to enhance the transition from quantity to quality management application distribution.

"Flexible use, sharing of resources, information mining, combat support" is the development trend of video surveillance. In particular intelligence, big data and cloud technology enables large-scale video surveillance more practical sense, it can save manpower and surveillance equipment in public security industry will have broad application prospects. -

Thoughts and predict future public safety video surveillance 5 of innovative technologies

Big Data: Mining change the pattern of video surveillance applications

At present, the public security work, the most real application is to find clues to the image with the same characteristics from the massive video data, let the police find new clues. As for the "how to find?", The biggest technical obstacle lies in the structure of the video. In addition to the video time and space properties, and no other label. In addition to finding the appropriate video according to time and place, most of the people can only rely on video screening slowly, it still far away from the big data applications.

Standing video analysis, intelligent visual perspective, we can actually use some intelligent analysis tools to a large number of pure video from capture to automate some common "metadata" information and a way to re-use data TAG video information organized, long-term storage, to prepare for "wartime" urgently complete the criminal behavior of trace patchwork. This is a typical large data mining application: large number of invalid data valid data mining, regular summary of historical data and expectations for future quantification and valid data.

Cloud technology: video surveillance system to promote more balanced, more flexible and more reliable

Cloud storage technology uses a distributed file system for its basic characteristics, the traditional three-tier storage architecture (file system, volume manager and RAID) into one unified software layer, creating a single storage system across all nodes intelligent file system.

Distributed file systems data and management data (metadata) distributed among the nodes of the system to avoid resource contention, eliminating bottlenecks; even if the entire node fails, the system can automatically identify the faulty node, automatically recover the failed node data and metadata involved, so that failure of business transparency, does not affect business continuity.

Global design fully symmetric distributed cluster node storage system can achieve a unified namespace, allowing any node in any file system concurrent access to the entire system; and supports document granular global lock, supports concurrent access from multiple nodes of the same file different areas in order to achieve high concurrency, high performance read and write.

Based on the above technical features, cloud storage with high performance, reliability, easy expansion characteristics.

Intelligent Video Analysis: backward compatibility, real and virtual dimension hierarchical deployment development

Intelligent video analysis is based on the behavior of the target intelligent monitoring technology, which will first scene in the background and objectives of isolated, identified the real goal, to remove background interference, and then analyze and track the target behavior that appears in the camera scene. Intelligent analysis of current video art has the following technical innovation capability:

Video compatible: In practice, the investigators simply upload the video without recording surveillance equipment manufacturer model, the system will automatically recognize the video format packaging and stream video preprocessing. Should be able to support mainstream DVR, NVR manufacturers of video formats direct play, you can also convert various video formats to vendors of proprietary unified format to use standard video player. It should be able to use video technology to restore the index file is missing, damaged video file header damaged and missing parts to repair other causes reduction. The introduction of new technology is compatible with video pre-processing, for public security to accelerate the detection speed, improve detection efficiency of important cases have important guiding significance.

Electronic tagging: by standard electronic standard dictionary (standardized object description glossary) on the evidence in the case of related goals, including et al., Car and was subjected to electronic tagging, standardize case described mode and management mode, as full-text search on the basis of the key word, string and case analysis to enhance the effectiveness of extended investigative clues sources to accelerate the pace of detection.

Virtual mount: high-definition camera relies on a virtual road Triggering functions of a conventional bayonet, bayonet virtual network to achieve urban surveillance. Inspection surveillance refers to surveillance systems based on user policy to start background analysis node, license plate information on the front end of the corresponding high-definition video camera or video appear through intelligent analysis algorithms to capture and vehicle license plate recognition, and you set or blacklist custom license plate matching library generated prompts warning; dispatched inspectors to monitor the use of the city to play a supporting HD HD bayonet function, increase system flexibility, greatly expand the number and scope of surveillance for bayonet effectively enhance the monitoring and detection efficiency.

Smart Camera: push video surveillance system construction

Steering intensive, performance-based intelligent cameras reflected in the high-definition, low-light, wide dynamic range, security, and intelligent front-end analysis.

HD camera: refers to the ability to shoot high-quality digital cameras, high-definition video, the picture quality can reach 720 lines (progressive scanning), resolution of 1280 × 720; or reach the 1080 lines (interlaced mode), resolution of 1920 × 1080.

Illumination: illumination, also known as sensitivity, CCD is sensitive to ambient light, or a normal CCD imaging of the dimmest light required.

WDR technology: enables the camera at the same time to obtain a bright image in a dark place, so that a bright place not affect color saturation can be obtained dark details.

Security: Support for user name and password authentication, support for 802.1x access authentication and digital certificates to support smart cameras stream encryption has become an essential feature.

Smart preceding analysis: to some extent, can reduce back-end storage pressure. Intelligent video analysis and alarm detection front end, including but not limited to: tripwire monitoring, perimeter intrusion monitoring, legacy monitoring, removal and wandering monitoring items.

Intelligent operation and maintenance: to make the video surveillance system more useful easyJet

Intelligent operation and maintenance of the emergence of video surveillance systems users do not need to have a strong expertise and IT skills.

Network camera auto-discovery: rapid deployment using adaptive technology, front-end network cameras automatically registered, plug and play, reduce installation and deployment costs.

Automatic inspection equipment: intelligent network cameras with automatic inspection reported impaired design approach, real time operation system equipment (temperature anomalies, SD card reader abnormal, etc.) round robin testing, improve maintenance efficiency and reduce maintenance costs.

Automatic upgrade of clients: video surveillance platform products through automatic client upgrade technology can effectively solve the large number of users to upgrade client synchronization problems.

Intelligent Video Quality Diagnostics: the use of video quality and diagnostic functions, the user can effectively detect abnormal image problems due to the lens, and human shields and other causes. Besides the need to support the brightness anomaly detection, interference detection snowflakes, video color cast detection, interference fringe detection, signal loss detection, screen freeze detection, judder detection, anomaly detection and resolution camera occlusion detection and other functions, the timely detection of video resources can not be normal case, and the formation alarm, facilitates the whole network equipment maintenance.

Video service QoS: video surveillance platform through adaptive bandwidth, forward error correction technology to ensure the system in case of a video network conditions decline effectiveness and availability.