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Alarm analysis of product and market development

Alarm analysis of product and market development

SMQT 2016-05-31 09:01:46

As living standards improve, people's sense of security has improved accordingly. But some people still wait for some home burglarAlarmFalse positives may occur, causing alarm and can not spread. Increased awareness of security, more demanding application to burglar alarm, expand burglar alarm market demand.


    Alarm application areas

    Alarm as one of the traditional security products, demand everywhere, in all areas need to alarm. For traditional of military field, especially in some need confidential of occasions, on anti-theft alarm of needs is big, and, these application field compared big of a features is, total relative larger; on financial field,, market has tends to saturated, currently main is late of maintenance and products of replacement, but national post savings bank of established and credit union management of specification makes this a field and became market concern of focus; school, Especially University building of new campus and the around of University City, project demand also compared big; and for factories and civilian is in started stage of two a field, and the has features; civilian field more focused on products of beautiful and service and operation simple, aspects, and market main concentrated in large of new community; factories field due to its most has factory to Yamato outdoor of features, week territories prevention system is its development of focus.

    Alarm type

    According to the principle alarms, burglar alarm still have several types.

    Glass brokenDetector: Is the use of piezo microphone, mounted on the face of the glass, as the only effective detection of high frequency of breaking glass sound, is not susceptible to vibrations caused by reaction of the glass itself. Infrared detectors: any objects due to different surface heat will radiate intensity infra-red ranging from ... Infrared detection is mainly used for moving object detection and other invasions, when the body enters the detection area, constant heat radiationDamage, Resulting in a change of thermal radiation, infrared sensors after receiving amplification, processing, an alarm signal. Love

    Microwave infrared detector: device is commonly used in alarm systems, one of the set of work principles of infrared and microwave all in one. When the infrared and microwave detector with alarm signal at the same time, the probe will have alarm output, reducing the false positives are possible. Infrared microwave probe has a variety of models, different detection range.

    Microwave motion detector: is the use of high-frequency radio waves are Doppler frequency shift as a means to detect, and open space or Plaza. Microwave is a very high frequency radio waves, the wavelength is shorter, easier to object, according to the incident wave and reflected wave frequency drift, you can detect intrusion objects.

    Magnetic door detector: is a widely used, low cost, easy to install, does not require adjustments and maintenance of detectors. Magnetic switch can be divided into the mobile unit and an output unit. Removable parts installed on the activities on the doors and Windows; output parts installed in the appropriate Windows and doors, installed the two distance does not exceed 10 mm.

    From the perspective of its use, burglar alarms such as car alarms,Door sensorSecurity doorsAnti-theft system, electronic commodities, and so on.

    Electronic goods anti-theft system referred to as the EAS system, basically consists of three parts: the electronic sensor (or label), decoder (or removal) and detectors (detection). Detectors installed in the mall's total access customers or special set channel exit. When thieves carry unpaid merchandise detected through the exit door, after the detection of the EAS system will give a warning. EAS system is a large shopping mall, supermarket, one of the most widely used security technology.

    Door system is a security alarm system, magnetic if it isn't too much attention is not so easy to see. General methods of gangsters from the door to get into the housing there are two: one is stealing a master key, opened the door; the second is using tools to force the door open. Regardless of the method to enter the gangster is, he has to open the House door. Once the thieves opened the door, door and door frame will have a shift, door sensor and magnet both displacement and (radio) signals immediately fired the host and host sounded alarm and dial 6 preset phone number.

    Car alarm is an alarm device that is installed in the car. And if a man smite, impact, or moving the car, the sensor will send signals to the controller indicating the vibration intensity. According to the vibration intensity, the controller issued a warning sound or a full alarm. In an effort to deter thieves and prompt notification of vehicle owners.