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Security Alarm and Remote Control System

  • Author:Helen Li
  • Source:SMQT
  • Release on:2016-06-04
Intelligent Residential Security Alarm and Remote Control System Based On Single Chip Computer 



With the computer technology and control technology and communicational technology’s development, people’s living standard has improved increasingly. People's living  conditions have changed, Such as the living environment’s security and how comfortable they feel. So the intelligent residential building’s automatic emerge as the times require. Intelligent residential must have safety precautions, anti-theft alarm, fire alarm, toxic gas leakage automatic alarm and  emergency call. It is able to implement remote control for the key equipment power. In recent years, with the progress of technology and economy, the electronic anti-theft alarm system has rapid development and a very wide application. Now it does not only apply in many important government departments, but also apply in the family. 

In-depth study on various alarm device, we have designed intelligent residential security alarm and remote control system on the basis of single chip computer. The system is based on 89C51 single chip computer, has intelligent  residential burglar alarm, emergency call alarm, fire alarm, toxic gas leakage automatic alarm and remote control[1]. It is able to call the police hotline number. It is able to use voice alarm and show alarm occurred address. Users can set up and modify password for it. It can be recordable and voice  suggestion and make use of the telephone to remote control. 

Calling when is not at home, it can use password to enter remote deployment   and remote control the power of electronic appliance.  The system makes use of communication equipment to realize multi-channel detection, scene alarm, emergency alarm, fire alarm and toxic gas leakage automatic alarm. It realizes remote voice alarm function through the automatic dial-up telephone[2]. 

It directly parallels on the telephone lines, then may be used. Before used, user will be required to install the detection device in place where being watched by people. It must be set up alarm telephone number, recorded voice alarm. The alarm system has design innovation, multiply function, low cost, high reliability and so on.


Intelligent residential security alarm and remote control system constitutes as shown in figure 1. The system is  through telephone interface circuit and telephone network to link up. 89C51 single chip computer dominates by MT8880 Dual Tone Multi-frequency (DTMF) codec with the telephone network to exchange information[3]. When the detection of dangerous situations, the dangerous situation coded signal transfer from the corresponding detection  module through the antenna to master chip. The master chip brings the corresponding alarm information according to  received signal. This part is to complete by the voice interface circuit, which uses ISD1420. After users call the number of system, users can control appliances according to sound by the voice interface circuit.  The system components are made up of detecting circuit, wireless transmitter-receiver circuit, telephone interface,  voice circuit, DTMF codec circuit, telephone signal detection circuit and the main control circuit.