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Thieves prefer to patronize what kind of family

Thieves prefer to patronize what kind of family

SMQT China NET 2016-06-04 10:42:46

Break-ins into periods of high, to guard against theft and reduce property losses become a topic of public concern. It is understood that thieves target of burglary and theft have certain rules to follow, according to thieves trick to prevent the public, the success rate is still relatively high. "In fact, many residents at the end of the alarm easy to fall into error, for example, some people think that the elderly home and less likely to be stolen, it was felt that better high-end residential access control and monitoring facilities, and also less likely to be stolen. For example, there are people who consider home property in secluded enough, it is not easily found by the thieves. They know there is a deviation. "My experience in municipal Public Security Bureau, police officers said. 

  Sons and daughters should be installed for the elderly high-tech alarms

  Xinhua learned from the police, burglaries a year, the proportion of elderly people was stolen is not low. First, comparison of the elderly living in a non-closed community, especially some of the older residential buildings, building useless, lack of monitoring equipment around, so it is easy to implement rogues Scouting and burglary. According to police officer Liu introduced, older people are not always convenient money readily accessible, so used to deposit cash in the home, the main reason for this was about thieves. "The elderly were thieves, occurs more in the evening, and thieves are the window unlocked House burglary or technology. Detect thieves into the home for the elderly on the one hand is relatively weak, in addition, even after the burglar burglary was found in homes for the elderly is also likely to escape. Near the end of home security for the elderly should not be ignored. "Liu, police said.Recommended outdoor burglar alarms, because the contrast of indoor alarm, outdoor alarm more applicable. Meet older family members enter the room once a thief stealing, anti-theft alarm, in this case, the elderly and young children are not safe, because they are no threat to thief, and not adversaries. Old man saw the thief, thief is way lest others see him, thief only for a pound, theft called the burglary hurts.

  Thieves selected elderly households are more likely to choose a pension as a target high elderly families, so some families of the unit floor or veterans of living focused on thieves are more likely to be caring for the elderly. "Stolen during the day in a very low probability of the elderly, in the evening, door locks, window locks, and other links should be to prevent the main link. In addition, the elderly should also be used in some high-tech alarm. To prevent thieves from the doors and Windows and other locations into the room. "Liu, police said.If you install the right outdoor burglar alarm, the thief is not scared the thief before they enter the room, so the family is the best.

  Do you think the security is rogues are most familiar with

  Reporters from the police was informed that burglaries, stolen goods focus on cash, jewelry, collectibles, watches, electronics products and a mink coat. With the strengthening of Police advise and propaganda, in the past two years, the public has less and less to keep large amounts of cash at home, hence the burglaries cash losses decrease year by year. But the valuables are still losses in big burglary case. "Often, home after the theft, cash is not much, but valuable add up to tens of thousands of Yuan, or even a hundred thousand of. "Liu said," and these stolen residents also think valuables in the home of the most subtle, the safest location, real is not. ”

  According to police officer Liu introduced, some residents believe is actually the most hidden places in the home where thieves are most familiar with, so don't put valuables in these places. First is the various drawers, drawers, bookcases, drawers bedside table chest of drawers, wardrobe, and so on, especially the locked drawer. Then under the mattresses, bed separators, bed cover, hiding cash in these places, are thieves. Also is the home of the high place, especially the bedroom height, such as top of the top of the wardrobe, bookcase, etc, these places are thieves is well known. Moreover is behind some ornaments in the House, such as calligraphy and painting, picture frame back behind, even though there are dark, rogue House after you will find the first time. Meanwhile, uncovered a number of cases, thieves will be "patronizing" kitchen flour and some of the place, because many elderly people used property hidden in these places.

Judging from burglary that occurred, Windows breaking and technical unlocking the proportion is larger. Police recommended that families with conditions on the door window install burglar alarm, preventing thieves from entering are the most effective. "Liu said," Judging from the cases solved by the previous, commuters were thieves in the House focused on two periods, one is 9 o'clock in the morning until 10 o'clock, and the other is at 1 o'clock in the afternoon until 3 o'clock. ”

Other than home security doors, corridor doors was also crucial, and near the end of the residents in and out of the building must be closed doors. "People who live in a building, mutual care is a very effective method. Total without at the same time, no one in the building, so the proposal, neighborhood, taking care of a stranger into the corridor or not familiar with the neighbor's door open for people to be vigilant and if necessary the police. "Liu, police said.

                                                                     Reprint: China network