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Security Experts' Idea about European Cup security situation

  • Author:Snoppy
  • Source:Tencent sports
  • Release on:2016-06-14
      Security Experts' Idea about  European Cup security situation
    June 10 start of the European Cup, watch the game and the excitement of a different mood, the European Cup next year in Europe precarious anti-terrorism situation, I am afraid that many viewers have to worry about with a sense of mood to see the race. How to prevent terrorist attacks during the European Cup became the second European Cup a big concern hotspot. RUTHERFORD interviews with security experts Vajda. From 1978 he began to engage in work-related security research, not many major sports events around the world to provide protection work safety risk issues. He said that the organizing committee during the European Cup should be stringent security checks, not worried about terrorist attacks during the European Cup again. 


Prevent terrorist attacks require Europe-wide police cooperation 

Since the terrorist attacks in the Stade de France, people of European Cup security issues had some concerns, do not know if you have concerns in this regard?

Vajda: The threat of terrorism is everywhere, terrorist threats and more able to remind people to guard against terrorist attacks and prevention, prevention. France hosted the European Cup has made a lot of work in the prevention work should be unavoidably, so I did not worry about security incidents like this. I feel the Stade de France and the whole of France during Euro 2008 should not have happened other serious incidents. My concern is likely after the European Cup, the threat of terrorist incidents will always remind us to be highly vigilant, should not let terrorist incidents affect our lives.

Do you think to prevent terrorist attacks, the security aspect of the stadium in which specific work needs to be done?

Vajda: First Stadium would like to host such a large European Cup matches, the stadium needs a few kilometers away, or the entrance into the stadium a few hundred meters up checkpoints, first of all to ensure that these people's ticket is real, they are real fans. Tickets for their inspection, and be able to confirm their identity, which is probably the first most basic measures to allow dangerous people farther and farther away from the stadium.

Second, entering the stadium watching the people should be strictly checked as some people like to fly inspection, he took the items to scan, which is a necessary measure.

The third point you want to get attention, may be related to cooperation and effective communication between the International Criminal Police Organization, which requires police throughout Europe are able to carry on with the good.

Stadium security need as stringent as the airport

If too harsh security during the European Cup, that will give fans watching bring some inconvenience?

Vajda: In 1992 I began to research the safety issues related work has been carried out in this regard. We know the way to the scene to watch the game people will understand such behavior, because it is too harsh security is to enable them to have a safe environment to watch the game. We travel by plane, but also subject to rigorous security check. A lot of things like this, you'll feel normal, you will slowly feel that all this is for your safety.

Police across Europe should be how to meet?

Vajda: one is the border, the border throughout the EU are required to monitor and check the need to exchange information with each other before the police, the exchange of information on doing. If a person came to France from abroad watching, first of all I want to know he is not look at the ball, look at the ball if he is, he has no reservations tickets, the police need to know during the game what kind of people are into this the country, so as to avoid some slip through the net. Some people came to France by other means, he may not see the ball or other object in the system that need to classify such people or focus tracking and observation.

Tickets name system will not play much help on security issues

Tickets can be real-name system security work which help to produce? Exact name system seems difficult to achieve.

Vajda: real-name system is baozha double-edged sword, he may put fans all record information, but lead to the transfer of tickets is very difficult. Because you know, that time will certainly be fans for some other reason can not come to the scene. There are some real terrorists, he will find ways to get tickets, even if he is the real name system, you do not know that he is a potential terrorist. 

Many experienced French court case who have had psychological shadow, do you think should be how to eliminate this shadow?

Vajda: Stade de France fans who witnessed the day and the European Cup fans is not exactly a group of people. Fares and fare European Cup game is not entirely comparable. Since that game fare is relatively low, so the whole stadium packed. We know there will be some of the victims of fear, but we also know there are more people eager to return to the Stade de France. After the terrorist attacks of that game are happening outside the stadium, survivors beta Crane theater inside the event of an attack, they are still a nightmare, these people are more serious psychological trauma