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Security Situation core operational services market analysis

  • Author:Snoppy Huang
  • Source:HC Security Network
  • Release on:2016-06-29
Security Situation core operational services market analysis
      Abstract: The security operation services market is huge, is 6-10 times the security products market. Currently operational security services have become one of the main composition of the largest security market, with an average annual growth rate of about 8%. 

        By the security industry products, systems engineering and integration of composition and operational security services three blocks, along with the increasing price transparency, security manufacturers and system integrators rely on a single "hardware combination" has been difficult to obtain a higher profit margin. Some companies are beginning to realize the enterprise should be designed according to different industry characteristics and practical, specific technical solutions, to benefit from the service.
    Security services initially operate in a foreign country is known as the electronic security industry, originated in the 1950s and sixties, based alarm technology services as a means to public safety and personal and property safety as the target of a special industry, is developing rapidly in recent years, a new industry. Currently, the industry in Japan, the United States, Britain, Singapore and other developed countries has become a more popular service industries.

   Security Operations Service Industry Situation and Prospects

     Security operations services market is huge, is 6-10 times the security products market. Among the forefront of the global security company ADT and BOSCH have adopted business model in order to add products and services operations, which operate services ADT proportion as high as 60%. Currently operational security services have become one of the main composition of the largest security market, with an average annual growth rate of about 8%. Chinese security industry second Five-Year Development Plan had expected: the "five-second" end of the industry output value reached 500 billion yuan, the security services operations proportion reached 20%. It can be said growth potential security operations and services is very large, so the security service market operators should have security integrators ample room for expansion. System integration and engineering enterprise engineering staff with the appropriate professional qualities and experience, will tentacles extend to these operators services has a great advantage. Enterprises can install the hardware and supporting services combine to form a strong core competitiveness have more initiative in the fierce market competition.
     Similar to the US ADT, Japan SECOM (Secom) and other foreign large-scale comprehensive enterprise security, its scope of services is not only anti-theft alarm, medical emergency alarm, in service, maintenance service, product development and production run, safety and security services in all areas related consulting and design, installation and construction equipment, etc., not only for individuals, families, businesses and other customers network alarm services, will expand services to the fire / smoke / CO / water immersion alarm, medical emergency, remote care and other fields, more extensive coverage.
      From the perspective of the development experience of foreign countries, the more subscribers, the more obvious scale effect, more able to meet the diverse needs of users. In order to conform to this trend, a very favorable operational development of service industry, domestic security companies have begun to act, the strength of the security business, operations services gradually as the focus of future development of enterprises. Hikvision, Dahua, and other enterprises are innovative development model, business synergies layout operations services.
      Security services operations also include an alarm service, operational supervision and consulting services and other business services 3 parts. Due to different national conditions of China and the center of gravity of the security industry, China alarm service development is relatively slow, and the development of operational services faster. 

     Security services operations encountered challenges

      1. in recent years, due to the lack of intellectual property protection, cottage, counterfeit endless burglar alarm equipment, security services operating labor costs are rising. Some companies in order to maintain a large market share, but also win the price advantage, the end result is to sacrifice the quality of products with a low price to get the part of the user for the sake of a small profit, but due to restricted production costs of the anti-theft alarm, stability and support services for this product is unable to meet those customer expectations hearts. Thus, serious damage to the confidence of the majority of users intelligent burglar alarm products, which are for the entire security industry a hundred of harm.
      Given the above, from the production of high-quality, high stability of the anti-theft alarm products to proceed, with perfect after-sales service from the product correct installation, operation began, to a subsequent alarm, the police, and so the end of the rehabilitation, and only do a good job improve the entire security service, in order to achieve a fundamental anti-theft alarm system should have value.
      2. from the traditional consumer electric business operations, we get this experience - in order to capture a larger share of the total civilian security products, electronic business, relying on Taobao, Jingdong and other electronic business platform seem difficult to achieve; one Internet access is not in their own hands, it must comply with the rules of the game of others; and second, competitive differentiation is not obvious, to follow suit and plagiarism seriously hamper the enthusiasm of product development; Third, security products and service is the installation of the operating weakness; four the popularity of civilian security products is in its infancy, security vendors test the water security electricity providers are feeling the stones.
       3. security alarm service operators are not a lot of works to do, such as the owners of residential, residential has security, communications providers are carved up the market share of security operations and services.

    Countermeasures against problems and challenges outlined recommendations:

       In order not to be troubled by these traditional electricity supplier model to Hikvision and NetPosa represented by large vendors are trying to cooperate with the Internet giant, civil security products designed to follow on the basis of consumer demand, and then use the Internet web portal and influence giant hopes winning the civil security field that the biggest piece of meat. So whether it is with music as Hikvision, micro-channel cooperation, or NetPosa hand Qihoo 360, they are carrying out a full range of layout, this could cast a big net fish boat captured over the whole industry We are waiting to see.
       SMEs continue watershed is removed from the traditional electronic business platform, in order to grab the user may strengthen the level of product quality and after sales service, but the price war is still a painful choice had to face, Kill a thousand, since the loss of eight hundred fierce battle will continue to be staged. Large manufacturers are likely to keep pace with Hikvision and LONDON force to conduct a comprehensive layout to consolidate their position in a given area through competitive differentiation. Under the rules of Chinese Internet gaming, which perhaps they are against foreign products the safest position. We rely on the professional security that the electricity supplier should be a better choice.

     Integrated security contractors how to transition services operator

       1. with the end users of digital development, security systems integration Chamber of Commerce will be more and more attention from a philosophy installer into solution providers and service providers. More services focused on intelligent design professional, industry solutions, one stop consulting and transformation management, appeared on the market.
       2. under the market diversification trend of system integrators of services also varied, according to the classification, security service alarm monitoring services, managed security services, system maintenance services, leasing services, consulting, risk assessment and other services, drawing on foreign experience and combined develop in line with the needs of users in China and China's service package contents actual operating mode on the basis of China. This time integrators from the concept of change is particularly important, integrators to provide total solutions to our customers, service providers and operators to provide more integrated solutions include including operational services. Based on current information technology support and sensor technology and other professional technology platform and service management system, to achieve the management and operation of disposal alarm monitoring service management procedures. At the same time builders should have a certain technical foundation and talent reserves, should establish a professional operation service, alarm service team, specializing in the disposal of the customer's needs, providing professional value of the machine out of the police service and equipment maintenance.
       3. in management, integrators should establish a complete service management system and norms, but also to establish and operate an alarm service to match insurance claims mechanism, and reduce operational risk. Integrators should also have a certain fund-raising ability to bear the pressure of business recovery fund positions. Integrators to service provider transformation is most important to choose the right projects to operate, with its own characteristics to choose their own service project. For example, the development of appropriate software and services according to the characteristics of the financial industry, regular system maintenance services; in the hotel industry, the construction industry should work to establish the appropriate technology platform and consulting and design, maintenance, management and other aspects have unique technology, deep plowing a field take the professional service road. This makes it easier to establish their own brand image and gain market recognition.
       The current alarm network operations services development market environment overall in good shape. National publication "smart city" from the list can be seen, the future development of the security market, not just the original business and government enterprises and institutions, but also to civilian alarm network operators offered an olive branch. Both for the customer to install a device, but also to provide long-term follow-up maintenance, police alarm network center for operational support services provided by the 24-hour operations center, multi-faceted caring service, internet access system 110 command center, police encounter love quick and accurate alarm and police intelligence effectively handle alarm operating company, is to meet the current needs of the public, excellent operating system alarms. With the security industry development situation is excellent, our current network alarm operations can be said to have reached a period of rapid development.
       4. service operations towards a standardized and unified standards
       Currently, due to the specific laws and regulations as well as industry-standard alarm services are inadequate, such as the police service operational standards, alarm network technology standards, so alarm service company management and lack of effective constraints, restricted the development of China's standardization alarm services.
       5. technology updates and development agreement needs of the people
       Network alarm services, visualization, moving, intelligent, remote management will be the development direction. Alarm system and video system linkage, to achieve the alarm remote image review, reduce false positives, which can effectively reduce police personnel costs, save operating costs.