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Security effect

  • Author:Helen Li
  • Release on:2016-07-18
Security effect

With the advancement of the society and the improvement of the standard of people’s life, there are too many monitors which are installed almost everywhere for various purposes. In consequence, this phenomenon has sparked increasingly substantial arguments among the public concerning the issue: which is more significant, security or privacy.We are the GSM alarm supplier,alarm system factory China.

Different people have different views. As far as this problem is concerned, some people take it for granted that to install security monitor contributes to safety of the whole society. To start with, those monitors decrease the chances of criminal events basically and efficiently, in that it is more convenient for policemen to track and arrest criminals. Additionally, through those monitors fixed in streets, drivers are able to concentrate on operation with more carefulness and alarm, and by this way a number of accidents will be avoided.   

Other people, however, have the opposite opinion that those monitors also bring harm to our daily life. In the first place, these devices unconsciously arouse potential pressure spiritually. For example, although some parents can notice their baby’s behavior through the monitor fixed in his bedroom, the tools result in anxiety and bother their normal life.  From my perspective, the advantages of the safety devices outweigh the disadvantages of them. At the cost of the loss of our privacy, we can achieve the safety of our lives and property. Therefore, it is essential to install security monitors.