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Select Access Reader Precautions

  • Author:guoweiqi
  • Source:SMQT
  • Release on:2016-07-19
Note one: the reader is to buy domestically or imported reader?
The real import of the reader, technology is relatively mature, low product failure rates, more beautiful design is engaging and disadvantages: expensive price of the product, the service is not timely domestic card reader, and must use proximity cards supporting the brands of imported and import proximity card is also more expensive. unless the customer specifies the use of a card reader imported brands, I recommend the use of domestic readers, but be sure to choose both domestic reputation for quality and good service provided by the manufacturer of the card reader. domestic reader appearance the past two years has made great progress, fast to keep up with international pop style of the imports reader is 6-10 times the price of domestic card reader, card import price is 10-20 times that of domestic card domestic core chip card reader and are based on foreign radio frequency processing chip, the chip does not have the domestic development and production capacity in this area. import model reader and the reader is recommended to use a card reader, relatively speaking cost will be a little better. many domestic foreign reader just posted a brand that does not exist, marked a certain country of origin, or there is a false certificate of origin, that dog meat hanging sheep's head to buy a lot of things, contractors pay attention Do not spent odds, there is no buy good products, attracted a lot of trouble.

Note II: is optional ID card reader or IC card reader?
ID card reader is a read-only non-contact IC card is commonly known, IC card reader is readable and writable non-contact IC cards collectively.ID cardAnd ID card reader price-performance ratio and sensing distance better than IC cards and IC card reader. If only forAccessAnd attendance or parking card, we recommend using the ID card reader and proximity card .. If you need a non-compatible consumer card can only be fixed using the IC card reader and a proximity card. ID card market is relatively popular and good value for money EM card.

Note III: Do not just from appearance to judge the quality of domestic readers.
Most readers use a common domestic mold, shape or copying foreign readers. Mold is common to everyone, and no one can buy housing, even if the appearance of the same readers from different manufacturers may yield, quality and service is not the same. Contractors must have a detailed understanding of the reader, do not be distinguished from a single appearance and price. Contractors from buy recommendationsAccess ControllerPlace to buy a card reader, general access control vendors will either sell or produce supporting its quality standards similar to the reader. So, how to judge the quality of a reader? I believe that some readers in pursuit of domestic production low-cost alternative to analog circuit radio station chip, this reader running current, easy to crash or be damaged, is not recommended to use. suggested the use of imported radio station chip card reader will be better, of course, but also from the additional your previous purchase of the manufacturers of the reader more than half of the time and failure rates and manufacturers of quality standards and reputation to be judged. in addition, the reader is a device, circuit design of a long-term use must be in anti-crash circuit protection, this is also to be noted.

Note four: is the choice of sealant sealant or not the reader?
. Suggested the use of non-sealed plastic reader reason: even if the sealant,buzzerStill bare, exposed, where the water can damage the card reader. Sealant material is used in resins, generally have adopted domestic hand-sealed plastic mixing uneven curing agent, domestic resin materials are cheap but poor quality, after prolonged use will be conductive, so that the reader misbehave or crash, resin imports expensive domestic manufacturers generally reluctant to adopt, in equal shares to each reader to ten pieces costs. In addition, the sealant is not suitable cooling equipment for the reader is going to affect performance. Therefore, unless special occasions generally do not necessarily need to use sealant reader. special occasions some readers waterproof protection on it.