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What are the considerations for household burglar?

What are the considerations for household burglar?

Snoppy Huang network 2016-07-26 11:51:52
What are the considerations for household burglar
    Theft, refers to an illegal possession for the purpose of theft of state secrets, or the collective behavior of other people's property. It is one of the most common and for the people most hated criminal acts.
Home security common sense (A)
    Now can not educate their children: "Someone knocked on the door and asked who you ask, if you recognize the door, do not open the door if you do not know," this is not good, because there are cases of abuse of children in 60% of acquaintances crime, child home alone the correct approach is "someone knocked on the door does not open, make a phone call to ask my parents, flowers milkman read the meter, parents to come and reason"
     burglary cases, thieves are more accessible from the kitchen window. Now many families kitchen locks are placed in a prominent position, but the best tool to finish the meal received cupboard, just in case, or when the thieves pulled a frenzied grip becomes a weapon. Safe to put in the bedroom and then camouflage look, do not let people easily found. Police summed up a jingle "was weak difficult to reveal the rich first, single woman skillfully concealed, visitors only sit in the living room, safe deposit sub-Shen Yuan" When several women shared or single mothers with children, to cleverly conceal the true status of the case, You can put a pair of men's shoes at the door or balcony then hang dry clothes in the middle twelve men's clothes, disguised as a normal family. 
    "Home security common sense" is the first one scene home burglar prevention. It is not easy to cause crime scene to the thieves. Activities thieves burglary features can be attributed to four areas: "Listen thief thief thief to see the station with the thief," the first to listen to a thief, is asking the district where there are no rich people. The second thief Look, look there is no cell forgot to close the windows. With the third thief, like the elderly and single track girls. The fourth stop thief: After next bank teller counters and ambush prey staring. 
      Burglary prevention 10 strokes: lock home windows shut tight, a lot of cash in the bank, neighborhood support more than watch, bell or door sensor installation, anti-theft locks mad thief, leave the light with fraud like, flat retaining fence the thief, bright community thief difficult to possession, the defense group to strengthen the rule of the safety of people theft forever vigilant!
      Have a habit of coming home, look back five steps before the door, look after the keys to dig, to prevent ill-intentioned people followed and to. If you see the door ajar came back, this time do not go in, it is likely the thieves not to go. To call a neighbor came to help and or security alarm. 
      Family security guard skills, there are three: First, the costs of crime increases, the second is an increased risk of crime, and the third is to reduce the proceeds of crime. What is the cost of increased crime? For example, the allocation of funds to invest a certain anti-theft devices, such as installing anti-theft alarm, anti-theft locks and security doors. Good locks is to spend more time thieves also pry open the drop does not open, so the thieves would be a big setback heart, increases the cost of crime. At the same time they can not lock and impatient to give up crime and increase crime brought to light the possibility of greater time is to increase the risk of crime. Home is best not to put valuables, do not store large amounts of cash and other jewelry. Valuables can be handed over to the custody of banks and other sectors. This reduces the proceeds of crime. 
Home security common sense (B)
    Do not store large amounts of cash at home, and sometimes do not need the money should be deposited in a bank passbook, identity cards and credit cards do not, work permits, residence booklet together.
    Stocks, bonds, gold and silver jewelry should not be stored in drawers, cabinets and other interesting places.
    TV sets, video recorders, cameras and other luxury goods should be clearly marked and the factory registration number and other details for future reference.
    Keys to carry, not abandonment, lost keys to the timely replacement locks.
    Preschoolers can not take the key, not the key around your neck.
    To the doors and windows before leaving home, having a good safety lock.
    In case of a stranger knocked on the door before coming undetermined identity, do not easily open the door (especially when a person is at home).
    Be careful to make friends, family members, especially the young people will not be just a stranger to the home.
    Hire more reliable nanny looking for people who want to check their identity cards to the police station and reported the trial temporary residence.
    Nanny to conduct safety education, do not let strangers burglary when the owner was not at home.
    Nanny leave wages pay settlement, Key to recover, it is best to get a new lock.
    It should lay a long time to go out and greet the neighbors, requesting care.
    The building has a patio, bathroom and kitchen windows often become criminals sexually explicit channels, built-in fence should be installed, to protect themselves.
    Keys should not be placed in a prominent place, preventing outsiders took the opportunity to stamp imitation.
    Passbook password should not be with the booklet, we'd put together.
     Conditional on the installation of smart home electronic alarm system, a timely warning when the police intelligence, notify personnel or the public security organs.

Home security common sense (C)
     Home security:
     1. Strengthening windows method. Bungalow, ground floor and second floor windows of the building should be installed security fence; when moved into a new house, you should check the security door or room door is in compliance with the standard, unqualified replaced immediately; in the upper and lower ends of the tube with a door bolt dark before going to sleep plugged; when rental housing should be replaced locks and security check facilities are in good condition, and remember previous visitors about the situation.
     2. The sensor lights and chimes law. Hang wind chimes on the balcony or fitted with sensor lights, start before going to bed; bedroom as far away from the balcony, the induction lamp and a small buzzer together. In addition, the magnetic sensor alarm can be installed on interior doors and windows.

     1. The home Do not store large amounts of cash, in addition to security at the daily expenses, shall be deposited in the bank.
     2. passbooks and securities should establish a password, such as the establishment of record this password should be stored separately concealed.
     3. Qualified families, should set up a small wall safes, a small amount of cash, passbooks, securities, gold and silver ornaments, jewelry and other valuables can be placed therein.
     4. The high-value items, such as gold and silver jewelery, precious paintings, antiques, etc. should be stored in a bank safe custody business there.

     Anti "insiders" crime:
     In recent years, "one of us" committing the crime of theft are common. So, pay attention to the confidentiality of the family property, the family valuables, cash, bonds and equities, etc., can not be easily exposed at the end, including some relatives, neighbors. Do not use the home keys just to others to use, to prevent the bad guys to steal with the key immediately steal; if the key is lost, should immediately change the lock.

     Develop safe habits:
   Channeling the door to go home, even while shopping, etc., certainly will lock the door, to avoid being bad guys "slip door." We can not meet by chance, the ins and outs of unknown people, but can not bring home our guest, to prevent the "asking for trouble."

     Home found stolen:
     1. quickly dialed 110 calls, do not walk in the room, and do not pick up items to clean house, do not touch door handles, locks, to prevent unauthorized persons to enter, so as not to destroy fingerprints, footprints.
     2. discovered or suspected passbook stolen, immediately report the loss procedures.
     3. The thieves left behind items, should focus on the protection to be the police.
     4. The home property insured, notify the insurance company.