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EA-83DK stylish and comfortable access one machineEA-83DK stylish and comfortable access one machineEA-83DK stylish and comfortable access one machineEA-83DK stylish and comfortable access one machine

EA-83DK stylish and comfortable access one machine

  • Product number: EA-83DK (black and white optional)
  • Operating Voltage :DC12V ± DC3V
  • Power consumption: <2W
  • Card Type :13.56MHZ IC
  • Reading distance:60mm
  • Store records :10000
  • registered user:10000
  • communication method:RS485
  • Transmission rate :9600bps (N, 8,1)
  • Storage memory: 4MbitsFLASHMemory
  • Dimensions:96L * 96W * 22H (mm)
  • Housing Material :PC
  • Operating temperature : -30 ℃ ~ + 65 ℃
  • Open the door : Card / card + password / UID + password / common password 

Product number  EA-83DK (black and white optional) 
Operating Voltage  DC12V ± DC3V 
Power consumption  <2W 
Card Type  13.56MHZ IC 
Reading distance  60mm 
Store records  10000 
registered user  10000 
communication method RS485 
Transmission rate  9600bps (N, 8,1) 
Storage memory  4MbitsFLASHMemory 
Dimensions 96L * 96W * 22H (mm) 
Housing Material  PC 
Operating temperature  -30 ℃ ~ + 65 ℃ 
Open the door  Card / card + password / UID + password / common password 

1.Unique design, the shell is frosted, feel comfortable; OLED display with a screen, not reflective in           bright light and with a perpetual calendar. 

2.Using laser engraving technology, the digital keyboard resistant, prolonged use will not fall; 

3.keyboard having breathing saving background light, packed doorbell button, even more stylish. 

4. Selection of imported PC material, heat resistance, corrosion resistance is strong. 

5. The use of advanced FLASH storage technology, even if the power is turned off to save the data for       10 years. 

6. Having a group session control function 100, the user can open the door to the time and manner           regulation. May be provided on the machine may be provided in the software. 

7. You can register directly on the machine by an administrator card user card, users can also register     by software. 

8. More flexible use of the password, super password from access control, personal password can         be set directly on the machine can also be set in the software. 

9. Has anti-stress function, input reverse personal passwords, alarm signal output immediately after       the open, accessible alarm center. 

10. Recorded data can be accessed by software as import attendance record. 
       Built-in card reader, but with WG signal output, external card reader (WG26 / 34), bi-directional                swipe. 

11. High safety performance, with tamper function. 

12. Has a reverse current protection, lightning protection, anti-crash design, self-detection. 

13. Pluggable wiring, easy to install. 

14.Freeware, simple and clear function, easy to operate.

The access control systems with the standalone rfid rs485 reader and card reader.The access controller with software TCP/IP connect to the computer by rs485 converter.

Qty  36 / box 
Packing Specifications 45L * 34W * 31H (cm) 
Packing weight  8Kg

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