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Burglar alarm Selection and installation considerations point

Burglar alarm Selection and installation considerations point

Snoppy Huang CPS Encyclopedia 2016-07-16 10:31:48
  Burglar alarm Selection and installation considerations point 
  Anti-theft alarm is physically or electronic technology, automatic detection occurs within the monitored area of ​​armed trespass, an alarm signal, alarm and prompted regional sites duty occurs, the display may take countermeasures systems. The control panel is an important prevention facilities robbery, theft and other unexpected events. Event of emergencies, sound and light alarm signal can pass accurately display the scene in the security control center, so that the rapidly take emergency measures. Burglar alarm host and access control systems, closed-circuit television monitoring system, visitors intercom systems and electronic Patrol system together constitute the security system.
    Select points:
    First,good system reliability
    Anti-theft alarm system requires the use of intelligent network-specific protocol transmission, all-digital, bus communication, in the most simple and flexible system architecture, ease of design, construction, use, and management and maintenance. Proactive in anti-theft alarm system has improved the design and the accumulation of years of experience, has been using cutting-edge technology for innovative research and development can be reliably used in various environments, multi-mode transmission, the authenticity of the review, the anti-sabotage design, system interoperability, network monitoring etc. is an industry leader. Alarm system configuration flexible, generally divided into independent type alarm, alarm and wired and wireless networking type matching three categories.
    Second, powerful, easy to expand, high integration
    Zone alarm control host multiple models to choose from, enough to meet the needs of the family burglar alarm, commercial outlets, building, residential and other places. Further expansion is very convenient, a corresponding increase in the wired / wireless module M804 can match, without having to change the original line, the construction is very convenient. Phone alarm, easy networking, alarm control alarm host by way of networking, but more is the use of the telephone network alarm to the alarm center, without having to apply other interconnection lines, is very convenient. And can be multi-phone alarm, a telephone dial nowhere, you can dial another telephone, to ensure the reliability of the alarm.

    Third, the system cost, low operating costs
    District bus can be wired in, it can greatly reduce the system cost, and compared with the use of a telephone line alarm mode, low-cost system for everyday use.

   Installation Precautions
  Installation location
    Burglar alarm installed in any place, it will directly affect to what kind of effect. If the burglar alarm is installed in the wrong place, not only to reach the alarm effect, and reinstall the demolition have to spend a lot of effort. So is the first installation site. When installing anti-theft alarm, the host must be installed in the power lines, telephone lines place. In addition, the installation must be easy to place wiring, wireless alarm host can be mounted in the center of the best of all detectors, easy to accept the signal, avoiding channel bad situation. Finally, anti-theft alarm system are electronic products of high-frequency transmitter, magnetic interference is easily large appliances, large appliances so it is best to install a certain distance.

   Material selection
    After installation location is selected, you have to start selecting a product. First, the host anti-theft alarm, customers no doubt will choose well-known brands, quality assurance hosts. But pay attention to the host at the same time, there will always be ignored as an important thing, and that is the line. In many cases, in order to save costs, customer requirements are always treated pipeline "so-so" not paid much attention, this will become a deeper security risk. Many highly skilled thieves will choose to destroy the pipeline to achieve the anti-theft alarm malfunction purposes.
    Select the line in time, should avoid the use of PVC pipe or tank to protect the anti-theft alarm system, but should choose galvanized steel, because PVC pipe due to lack of hardness index of galvanized steel, more vulnerable to vandalism. Great choice of material hardness pipeline, potentially increasing the burglar alarm self-defense capability.
    installation and elusive 
    The main purpose is to install anti-theft alarm system security. Dominican documented in the so-called enemy, all of the crime sites too long before a lot of thieves committing the crime detection, so the burglar alarm must be installed in a relatively secluded place to prevent thieves sabotage. Many times, there are many users buy alarm mounted directly on the more prominent places, meaning scare thieves, want to achieve the enemy without fighting the soldiers effect. But the fact is the opposite, and now many professional security equipment for thieves understanding beyond our imagination, initiative of the alarm light for others to see, is equal to the keys to open the door to the other, highly skilled thieves can easily break burglar alarm. So pay attention to the anti-theft alarm equipment using concealed manner, not to destroy the targets and the perpetrators left behind to create anti-alarm condition.
    In addition to attention hidden burglar alarm installation, the pipeline for hidden installation is also very important, if the thieves damage to the pipeline, then the burglar alarm can not play the same role. As for the line concealment, which mainly depends on the real estate developers, if they are at the time of the construction of buildings to take into account that this is the best thing, so you can ensure that the entire transmission path concealment maximum extent, without further secondary construction.
    While maintaining hidden pipeline should also consider the good of the protective tube can be easily embedded with the main bridge can be flexible and convenient connections for later use as much as possible to facilitate threading the path of each sheath tube preamplifier a root small diameter cable.
    Modern home decoration, considering the beautiful but also have to consider the suitability of security requirements. In the decoration at the same time, the design of the appearance and security together as one, so that not only the decoration to achieve a more perfect standard, but also live in comfort, peace.