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Detailed installation steps of Access Control System

Detailed installation steps of Access Control System

Snoppy Huang CPS Forum 2016-07-07 17:06:27
   Detailed installation steps of Access Control System
   Access control system is installed in order to prevent the loss, as the main purpose of crime prevention, it is necessary to have high reliability. An access control system, alarm may not occur in most of its running time, so do not need to alarm, alarm probability need an alarm occurs, is usually small, but if there is an alarm system in which a very small probability of failure, often means the catastrophe. Thus, access control systems design, installation and use of the various stages must be implemented reliability design and reliability management to ensure high reliability products and systems.
    In addition, the system design, equipment selection, commissioning, installation, and other aspects of strict implementation of the relevant national or industry standards, as well as requirements for security technology to prevent the public security department, the products subject to certification authority, and has a large number of typical users, for many years running. Security access control and security system used to protect people and property, so the system itself must be secure. Here, the high security, but also refers to the natural attributes or quasi-natural properties of the product or system should ensure that equipment, system operation safety and operating safety.
    First, the equipment installation
    1. the front-end equipment
    2. in the control room equipment

    Second, the equipment commissioning
    1. after the system is installed, all the way to first access control reader signal connected to the host, and then detecting the road alone access control readers, with or without omissions, false positives occur. This way no problem in detecting another access road, so this way, the roads are each individually tested again, after confirmation of all the connections to Qi.
    2. managers can separately authorized under the authority of the use of personnel, as part of the staff can access any location at any time, ordinary people can only rely on the authorization card out of the scope of authorization within the authorized time. When the normally open all access points and illegally opened to view the computer control center if there is a record.
    3. try Center PCs due to malfunction or other reasons can not be connected to the controller, if the controller can independently control the gate record point related information, when connected to the computer center, all information is automatically uploaded, can ensure a complete record of information sex.
    4. good debugging records.
    5. the last fill completion report.

    Third, the pipeline installation
    1. the installation of the wiring should comply with state regulations "Electrical equipment construction and acceptance of norms" and the relevant norms and regulations issued by the State. Threading in the pipe or trunking should be at the end of the building plaster and ground works. Before threading, water and debris should be pipe or duct inside clean. Different systems, different voltage levels and different categories of current line should not wear in the same tube or trough in the same slot. Lead in the pipe or trunking, there should be joint or kinks. Cable connections should be welded or box terminal connection at the terminal. Small cross-section can be connected to the system splicing, splicing turns should be more than five turns and then the lining of tin, wrapped with electrical tape. Deformation of the pipeline through the building, compensatory measures should be taken on both sides of the wire across the movement joint should be fixed, and leave appropriate margin. Terminal box should choose a terminal crimping or soldering points with terminal board, there should be a label on their terminals.
    2. access control should be installed firmly, not tilted, and should be clearly marked. Mounted on lightweight partition should take reinforcement measures. The introduction of access control cables or wires, wiring should be neat, to avoid cross and should be firmly fixed cable core and the portion of the wire should be marked with the numbers, and will not fade with drawings; with each terminal plate terminal, wiring not be more than two; and the cable core wire should not be less than 20cm left margin; conductors shall be binding bundles; wire after the introduction of threading, in line at the pipe should be blocked.
    3. the main power lead-access controller should be connected directly to the power supply. Do not use the power plug, the main power should be clearly marked; access controller firmly grounded, and clearly marked.
    4. control room ground bus routes, the specifications should meet the design requirements. Construction should comply with the following rules: surface grounding strap should be complete, no obvious damage and residual solder dross, copper busbar light, smooth burr-free, insulating layer or aging cracking phenomenon; should be laid on the ground bus or cable trough the central aisle, and fixed on the outside of the frame groove, the bus should be smooth, without skew bending. Bus-top or rack should be firmly connected to the terminal; Copperbelt bus cable can be used on the walkway screws, copper wire bus cable walkway should be tied on the crosspiece; installation of lightning protection and grounding systems engineering, should in strict accordance with the design requirements of the construction. Ground installations, with civil construction simultaneously.
The basic function of mature access control system implementation: management of the channel and out privileges

    1. The access roads authority: for each channel is set out who can and who can not access;
    2. Inlet channel way: out of the channel is to be able to authorize the person out of the way;
    3. Access Control System: out typically by password, card reader (biometrics), card reader (biometrics) + password in three ways;
    4. The period out of the channel: the channel is setting people within what time frame can be in and out;
    5. Real-time monitoring: System administrators can view real-time through the computer and out of the door zone situation of every person (and photo display), the status of each gate area (including the door switch, various non-normal alarm status, etc.); You can also open or close all the doors in the area of ​​emergency;
    6. Access Record Query: The system can store all access to records, state records, according to different search criteria, with the corresponding attendance software can achieve attendance, access control card;
    7. Abnormal alarm: in exceptional cases may be implemented or computer alarm alarm alarm, such as: illegal intrusion, the door is not closed and so on overtime.
The system according to different access control system can achieve the following special features

    Anti-passback: that the cardholder must follow pre-set routes in and out, or else the next channel card is invalid. This function is to prevent people entering the cardholder followed.
    Anti-trailing features: that is just entering the cardholder must be closed in order to open the door next door. The anti-passback function and achieve the same function, but in different ways.
    Fire alarm monitoring linkage function: In the event of a fire alarm system can automatically open access all electronic locks allow people inside at any time to escape. And monitoring linkage generally refers to when someone will automatically monitoring system card (valid / invalid) recorded in the circumstances, the access control system will also alert situation occurs when recorded.
    Network Manager monitoring: Most access control systems can only use a computer management, and technologically advanced system can authorize any one position the whole system set up to monitor the query management on the network can also be set up in different places by the INTERNET management and monitoring queries.
    Logic door function: simply put, is a door with a few people at the same credit card (or otherwise) to open the electric door lock logic function!.