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What is an infrared perimeter alarm system

  • Author:Snoppy Huang
  • Source:CPS encyclopedia
  • Release on:2016-07-08
What is an infrared perimeter alarm system 
  Security technology development direction now is video surveillance, perimeter alarm, intrusion detection, access control and other independent security subsystem integration integrated to form a multi-purpose, all-weather, dynamic and comprehensive security management system. Perimeter alarm and security systems as a first line of defense, a very important role, from the past passive alarm detection, the development of today's deterrent barrier plus alarm. And with the development and security market mature security technology, as well as to further improve policies and regulations, digital, integrated, network will be the inevitable trend of its development.
    Perimeter alarm system is the use of border protection such as microwave, active infrared, electronic fences and other technology or form a visible or invisible "protective wall", when there is over the wall behavior occurs, the corresponding detector zone alarms will be signal and sent to the control center alarm control host, audible warning and displays an alarm position, also linked perimeter analog electronic screen, or even linkage video surveillance systems, access control systems, high voltage lighting systems.
    Perimeter protection system in recent years has become a basic security system and indispensable security subsystem, not only showing its "trace" at the high end military factories, barracks, airports, ports, government agencies, and was also widely used in residential area , schools, shops, orchards, farms and even the vast rural areas, etc., and in these areas to maintain a relatively high growth rate of the application.
Infrared beam detector works
    Infrared detectors on the radio by the sending and receiving of two parts. Infrared transmitter to install the meters and even a few hundred meters emit infrared receiver, the beam has a single beam, dual-beam, or even multi-beam. When the corresponding infrared beam is interrupted, the receiver that is an alarm signal. The receiver by the optical lens, infrared photocell, amplification shaping circuit, power drives and actuators and other components. Its working principle is the infrared beam receiver can receive a normal state, and when the invasion, the infrared beam is blocked launchers that photocell not receive infrared light, thereby outputting a corresponding electrical signal alarm, and amplified by the plastic switch alarm signal output, the alarm controller alarm signal can be received, and the linkage to the actuator to start other alarm devices, such as sound and light alarm, analog electronic maps, TV monitoring systems, lighting systems.
    Infrared perimeter alarm system, he is a branch, infrared perimeter alarm system burglar alarm is to prevent illegal workers from the non-entry without our permission illegal trespassing zone set to avoid a variety of potentially life-threatening property . Effective protection surrounding areas, to provide timely warning over the behavior; less before application of infrared perimeter alarm system, mainly used in some key places, but with the renewal and development of technology, infrared perimeter alarm system has also been applications in other industries, such as home, banks, supermarkets, etc., so the infrared perimeter alarm system every year in constant expansion.
    Infrared perimeter alarm systems are generally front-end detection devices connected to the control panel switch signal output, and the other is to rely on the bus management, followed by software installed on your computer. As for the front-end detection equipment, then more and more, such as your electronic fence, leak detection, vibration detection, infrared detection, laser detection, microwave detection, etc., wherein the electronic fence which have tension, high voltage electronic pulses, electrostatic induction , etc. these are based on different physical principles to achieve the same purpose probe
System components
    Active infrared anti-Vietnam perimeter alarm system usually consists of front-end detection system, on-site alarm systems, transmission systems, central control system, power supply system linkage system and the six systems. 
Infrared perimeter alarm systems generally have the following characteristics:
    1. anti-interference ability, infrared perimeter alarm system front-end detection equipment can work normally in bad weather, so strong infrared perimeter alarm system front-end detection equipment anti-jamming capability.
    2. positioning accuracy, we use an infrared perimeter alarm system will normally arm the area is divided into several zones, once a zone alarm occurs, infrared perimeter alarm system will immediately have the zone alarm is sent to the control panel , so as to achieve precise positioning.
    3. linkage alarm, infrared perimeter alarm system linkage alarm function, once the illegal armed persons broke into our region, so infrared perimeter alarm system for perimeter surveillance produce linked to automatically turn the alarm area, the center of the monitor screen automatically switches the alarm zone, the zone DVR automatic image recording, on-site police as lights.
    4. scalability, infrared perimeter alarm system with active far-infrared multi-beam detection device disposed in the surrounding community, and the community with the use of closed circuit television monitoring system, so scalability infrared perimeter alarm system strong.