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Home burglar alarm market demand nine common sense to buy Know

  • Source:Security Exhibition Website
  • Release on:2016-07-07
According to Ministry of Public Security statistics, the annual loss due to burglary family caused up to 1.13 trillion yuan. Especially with the demolition of the wall, and then build an open community of policy implementation, the probability of theft theft surge community, intelligent security needs of urban households will be more vigorous. In recent years, high-end residential intelligent anti-theft alarm system, has become one of the main selling points of sales of real estate developers.

Family alarm can be divided into security alarm, fire safety, surveillance guard three.

Security alarm: here, security, non-security system than normal. Security area, smart home system will automatically open the "home mode" or "Sleep mode", you do not have to worry about forgetting to close the door and windows, it is not new, or when you go to sleep.

Fire: the kitchen smoke concentration control and alarm system, gas leak alarm identification technology, automatic water supply system and so are the owners of smart home design then when to pay attention.

Monitoring Guardian: Most intelligent home monitoring system is also in the design and installation considerations. The system will automatically detect the elderly body temperature, pulse and other key health parameters, and sent to the smart home management platform and medical care center for the rapid detection of suspicious and critical situations, the system will automatically activate the alarm when necessary. For elderly family villa, it is very critical.

Home burglar alarm feature is the use of various types of detectors on the surrounding space, environment and people's overall housing tenants protection security systems. Xiaobian for you organize a home burglar alarm nine common sense to buy, so you can choose the right home burglar alarm.

Home burglar alarm Purchase of common sense

Home burglar alarm Purchase of common sense 1: Wireless home burglar alarm system is the first choice

Why choose wireless it? I believe we Before installing anti-theft alarm, the family is certainly a good decoration, and each line includes a well-organized telephone lines, cable, etc. are processed at this time if you buy a wired burglar alarm, you devoted his efforts renovation is destroy not say, some lines in the room walked too unsightly, the most terrible is that once the main line has been cut off, the alarm is completely useless.

Home burglar alarm 2 Purchase of common sense: to have a certain "to fight against" capability

If you encounter some seasoned thief, just like the movie of "Thief", may think your home is installed burglar alarm, first thought is certainly is first to destroy the alarm. If your home alarm "fragile" does not make sense, so to be able to select before the total destruction of alarms burglar alarm.

Home burglar alarm 3 Purchase of common sense: remote monitoring is very important

As the saying goes, 求人不如求己, family circumstances appear to others as their own is certainly a good deal, so the use of remote monitoring alarm is particularly important, you can connect the alarm cable and telephone lines, unusual circumstances arise once the home , the alarm can be the first time to tell you, you can be ready to disarm by phone, arming.

Home burglar alarm Purchase of common sense 4: Host To maintain the "battery life"

What is most depressing is that? When the alarm is nothing more than the usual home safe working properly, once the home really "guest", and it does not work because of power outages caused by the burglary, so there must be full preparations to prepare for the emergence of special circumstances, which requires the host located inside there are "built-in battery", which starts when the battery power to keep the alarm is working.

Home burglar alarm 5 Purchase of common sense: you want to set a good password

Families with children of friends, should buy with a password protection function alarms, naughty child, curious, while you do not pay attention to anti-theft alarm settings changed more harm than good.

Home burglar alarm 6 Purchase of common sense: be prepared for multiple remotes

If your family members are more then preparing a plurality of remote control is necessary, if you put the remote control lost or taken away by others do not have a headache, you only need to remove the remote control you can use other a.

Home burglar alarm 7 Purchase of common sense: a large emergency action

If the home has a physically very weak old people and children, you can choose the kind of help with the remote control button, easy to operate and save time.

Home burglar alarm 8 Purchase of common sense: Stability is the key

This is the choice we can not ignore the alarm to one aspect, which is called "stability", in fact, refers to the accuracy of the alarm alarm, not too "sensitive", the occasional one or two false positives is understandable, but every day you come to a false positive, then your life will not be at peace, and do not worry if not installed yet.

Home burglar alarm Purchase of common sense 9: Multi-zone more convenient

Select multiple zones home burglar alarm reason is that each zone is independent of the system, you are free to log in and delete detectors, if a probe is damaged, a new one will be able to log in again, do not affect the situation as a whole.