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How to choose the right access control?

How to choose the right access control?

Guo Weiqi SMQT 2016-06-08 15:03:55
Access control system is the basis of development from the traditional door locks come, and the core system is the access controller. Whether to buy high-quality access control related to the stability of the access control system, it should be how to choose the access control it? The following will introduce several purchase proposals for your reference.
Access Controller is the core hardware access control system, its quality and performance directly affects the stability of the overall access control system. As part of the core data processing and storage access control systems, access control card reader assume includes setting permissions and access privileges throughout the access control system, the monitoring of the state of the entrance, access control events and recorded with other systems such as alarm, fire linkage system important functions.
With access control systems play an increasingly important role in enterprise security management, the traditional mechanical lock management can not adapt to the modern enterprise security management, the demand performance is as follows:
Improve security: the specified area classification, access rights management sub-period, limiting personnel freely enter the important areas to determine their access levels and allows passage of time based on the job and the nature of work of staff, some of the important areas of management such as banking treasury, subway control room set out a variety of ways to better meet the security requirements of the region, prevent theft outside the Pirates.
Improve management efficiency: Through central management center and set up real time status of each access point, reducing the cost of patrol officers. The system can record events in real time, to facilitate the production of corporate personnel management reports such as time and attendance, scheduling, etc.
It can be integrated with other systems: energy and fire alarm systems integrated unified security platform, to reach the accident warning, against a variety of dangers. When disaster into a fire occurs, the system can automatically open the door to the control area is set to facilitate people to escape. Combined with the monitoring system, access control system can automatically switch linkage photographic frame, you need to be monitored on the part of monitoring and recording.
Thus, the stability and performance of access control has also been more and more attention. Access control shall be able to communicate with your computer, real-time monitoring of each door out of the situation, and access records by setting access control management software installed on the computer card privileges and access analytical queries, generate statistics attendance reports; once the communication is interrupted The system can be off and running. Therefore, secure, flexible, easy to expand and can be networked with other platforms will be the development trend of access controller access controller.
Access Controller Optional suggestions:
A suggestion: buy and self-test with anti-crash circuit design Access Controller
If the access controller crash, so that the user will not open the door or shut the door, great inconvenience to the customer, but also increases the project's maintenance and maintenance costs, access control must be installed or reset the chip selection general series with a reset function that does not have a reset function, you need to install a reset. At the same time, you must have self-test function, if the circuit because of interference or abnormal crash situation, the system self-test and can be performed in an instant from the start.
Recommendation II: with three lightning protection circuit design Access Controller
Since access control communication lines are distributed, vulnerable to the invasion of lightning, so access control must be mine design. We recommend three lightning protection design, the first freed by the lightning discharge generated by high current and high voltage, current and voltage clamp circuit through the inductor and resistor into the circuit. The residue is then high-speed discharge current and voltage in the circuit before damage to its generating a high speed released. Lightning lightning consecutive index requirements for equipment without damage. Lightning indicators of high anti-surge device, antistatic ability will be correspondingly high. Some products promote themselves and some lightning ability, in fact, this indicator is to have all the chips itself, does not have the ability to lightning and surges.
Recommendation III: Registration card privileges to a large amount of storage, offline storage records should be large enough to require the use of non-volatile memory chip memory chip
Proposed registration card authority needed to reach ten thousand, ten thousand offline storage records reached the best, so you can fit the vast majority of customer storage capacity requirements, to facilitate attendance statistics. Be sure to use non-volatile memory chips, power-down or under attack information is not lost. If the battery mode, if the battery is dead or loose, or by current impact information may be lost. Access control systems, there may malfunction.
Recommendation IV: The application should be simple, practical, easy to operate
If the application control program, will undoubtedly increase the engineering business customer training costs and time, the customer is not easy to master the operation of the software will vent their anger on the project's service attitude of receivables and renewals will bring bad influence customer Software understand also easily lead to misuse, causing practical inconvenience face = "Arial"> so we must pay attention to the choice of the proposed works access controller software operation is simple, intuitive and convenient one-sided emphasis on the powerful is not suitable for promotion.
Recommendation Five: design communication circuits should have self-test function for large networked system requirements
Networked Access Controller commonly used industrial bus network structure, usually many manufacturers from cost savings considerations, the choice or chips, which load capacity is weak, usually have a maximum load capacity is piece of equipment, and if if there is a communication chip damage will affect the bus the entire communication line newsletter, and you can not find exactly what station controller chip damage. We recommend the use of a similar high-end communications chips and integrated circuits. The circuit includes a self-test function, if the chip is damaged, the system will automatically disconnect the connection to him, so that the control device on the bus the other normal communication.