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Top security technology from the world's benefit?

  • Author:Snoppy Huang
  • Source:Sina
  • Release on:2016-06-07
     Top security technology from the world's benefit?
   Abstract: gravitational waves, wearable devices, virtual reality, unmanned ...... these cutting-edge technology of today's world, but also the Chinese public attention. "Science and Technology Three Meetings" - National Science and Technology Innovation Conference, academician of the General Assembly, China Association for Science Ninth National Congress held in Beijing. Inside and outside the venue by industry insiders, the latest progress in China on these hot technology.
   Gravitational waves, wearable devices, virtual reality, unmanned ...... these cutting-edge technology of today's world, but also the Chinese public attention.

"Science and Technology Three Meetings" - National Science and Technology Innovation Conference, academician of the General Assembly, China Association for Science Ninth National Congress held in Beijing. Inside and outside the venue by industry insiders, the latest progress in China on these hot technology.

Hot 1: gravitational waves

BACKGROUND: During the 2016 Spring Festival, a full "cosmic sense" scientific term "gravitational waves" fire. February 11, 2016, the US Laser Interferometer Gravitational Wave Observatory LIGO announced the successful detection of gravitational waves in Einstein's general theory of relativity proposed 100 anniversary of the last one confirmed predictions gravitational theory. The discovery is significant milestone achievements in physics, opening up a new window of the observable universe.

China Progress: At present, China's multi-branch team of scientists are actively promoting the gravitational wave detection and research. In 2008, the Chinese Academy of Sciences set up a space gravitational wave detection demonstration group began planning our gravitational wave detection in space development roadmap for future decades, it has formed the Working Group on Space tai chi program.

Chinese Academy of Sciences Wen-Rui Hu said that if the plan goes well tai chi, its gravitational wave detection satellite launch group after 2035 years ago, when China and the European Space Agency satellites in space will also be independent gravitational wave detection, measurement and testing complement each other.

Hot 2: Virtual reality VR

BACKGROUND: helmet with a special game, players will be able to enter the war as time and space shuttle as live bullets flying in the ear, shells burst around; With glasses, gloves and other specialized equipment, medical students can be simulated surgery ... ... VR-- namely virtual reality technology, culture and entertainment, industrial manufacturing, national defense and many other areas have shown a huge application space. Currently, the world of virtual reality has been recognized as the next explosive growth of the information industry.

China Progress: Recently, the "national strategic framework for innovation-driven development," the State Council issued the relevant art virtual reality and its contents included "strategic task" section. At present, China has Huawei, music, as the storm a large number of science and technology enterprises involved in VR industry, gaming, tourism, real estate sales and other fields have begun early adopters VR.

Hot 3: wearable device

BACKGROUND: wear smart wristbands, get up at night when lights will automatically turn on, to go no longer need to manually turn off the TV, air conditioning; headset through a heart rate monitor, a sensor insoles, people will be more aware of their physical condition ...... CAS Changchun ray machines, Associate Professor Ling Sheng said, wearable device not just change people's way of life, it is supported by software, intelligent data exchange for powerful Internet capabilities. Global Data Corporation (IDC) released data show that the first quarter of this year, global wearable device market grew 67.2%.

China Progress:. "Whether it is development or commercialization of the level of international standards and are unchanged," Ling-Sheng said. On this basis, but also innovation with Chinese characteristics, such as promoting parent-child communication smart watches. It is understood, millet, Goertek and a number of domestic enterprises began to enter the field. World-renowned research firm GfK market research group's data show that last year China wearable volume retail market 18.1 million units, up 321 percent.

Hot 4: Intelligent Robot

BACKGROUND: In March, the world's top intelligent robots AlphaGo Battle Shishi Go players after winning, worldwide interest in intelligent robots more intense. In recent years, the United States, Japan and other intelligent robot company escalated, more widely, according to market research company, "Risk Scan" data, the end of the world's artificial intelligence start-ups have been 855, the total valuation of more than 8.7 billion US dollars.

China Progress: Combine the NDRC and other departments recently issued "" Internet + "AI three-year action plan" put forward to the 2018 formation of artificial intelligence application market scale of one hundred billion. "China's integration with the world of artificial intelligence have been." Nuance vice president of worldwide well-known speech recognition company Weidman said, "I believe that China will have many applications in the field of artificial intelligence appears the future."

Our intelligent robots is growing rapidly, including Shenyang New Song Robot company exports more than 20 countries and regions; poisonivy intelligent self-developed technology is introduced, accompanied by a robot; "small i robot" can simultaneously answering service 100 customers, customer service the response time can achieve millisecond, it is widely used.

Hot 5: Unmanned

Technical Background: The city will build a huge traffic sharing network, as long as the phone can always come up with a driverless car call services; police can accurately determine the whereabouts of every car, more efficient management of traffic ...... driverless car era or will soon.

Chief analyst at China National Automotive Industry Consulting Development Corporation Jia Xinguang that the most significant advantage of driverless cars that convenience and safety, reduce traffic accidents caused by human factors, is the traditional automotive industry, "Nirvana rebirth." Currently, Britain and Germany, has approved road test driverless cars, are actively distribution industry.

China Development: The development of intelligent network linking cars (final status unmanned) have been included in the "Made in China 2025" strategic plan and "" Thirteen Five "automobile industry development planning advice." In the early decade ago began to study autopilot technology, at present, Baidu, Tencent, music television, Alibaba and other Internet companies have to enter the field of unmanned varying degrees.

Hot 6: Quantum Communication

BACKGROUND: quantum communication is the use of photon quantum states load and transfer information. "In principle, quantum communication unconditional secure communication." University of Science and Technology of China executive vice president academician Pan Jianwei said, because it was guaranteed to the encrypted content can not be deciphered, chip back door, cable eavesdropping, "prism door" and other eavesdropping hacker attacks and other problems will be easily resolved. Currently, Europe, Japan and other countries are increasing investment quantum communication, quantum communication considering launching a space planned or under construction quantum communication lines.

China Progress: China's first quantum science experimental satellite will choose the launch in July this year, will be the first realization of quantum communication between satellites and ground in the world. Pan Jianwei said that the future quantum communication can be achieved by quantum optical fiber communication network, metro, intercity achieve quantum network connection through the repeater, via satellite relay to achieve long-distance quantum communication, quantum ultimately constitute a wide area communications network. It is understood that the Beijing-Shanghai trunk large-scale quantum optical fiber communication backbone network will be completed in the second half of 2016, it is the world's first.

Hot 7: Graphene

BACKGROUND: It is the thinnest known material, even to only a thin thickness of the carbon atoms, the application of its display can be as thin like paper; it is also harder than diamond, "like a shirt like body armor" does not ...... it is again a myth by many experts as "a material change in the 21st century" - graphene.

"Graphene has broad application prospects in the field of touch screen, electronic devices, storage batteries, bio-medicine." Professor, Department of Chemistry, Tsinghua University Li Jinghong said. Currently, the United Kingdom, the United States, South Korea and other countries are working to promote the industrialization of graphene.

China Progress: 2015 promulgated the "Opinions on Accelerating the graphene industry innovation and development" and launched the world's first graphene formulation of national standards. My country is one of graphene research and application development the most active, many companies have introduced graphene products, such as electronic paper display graphene, graphene heat from the inside warm fiber.

Hot 8: hydrogen fuel cells

BACKGROUND: Imagine, one day per vehicle refueling but not add hydrogen emission is water, the world's environment will undoubtedly have a big improvement. In recent years, hydrogen fuel cells are valued around the world, some foreign hydrogen fuel cell vehicles has been gradually move toward the market.

China Progress: In April this year, China's "energy technology revolution Innovation Action Plan (2016- 2030)" and "energy technology revolution focused innovation roadmap for action" Publish presented 15 key innovative tasks, including hydrogen and fuel cell technology innovation, advanced energy storage technology innovation.

In China, the tram hydrogen, hydrogen fuel cell unmanned aerial vehicles and other products have been gradually come out, a lot of key technologies are breakthroughs. "Currently, Dongyue Group and Mercedes-Benz signed a contract to jointly develop hydrogen fuel cell membrane production is expected to market in 2017, the project is of great significance to China occupied the commanding heights of the fuel cell R & D." Tang Jun, vice president of Shandong Dongyue Group Dr. Ko said.