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EB-168 strobe sirenEB-168 strobe sirenEB-168 strobe sirenEB-168 strobe siren

EB-168 strobe siren

  • Materials:ABS high-strength fire retardant materials
  • Operating Voltage :DC12V ~ 15V
  • Working current :200mA
  • Switching current :5mA
  • Flash frequency arc tube :120 beats / min (± 10)
  • Alarm: Audible alarm
  • Alarm indicator :Red LED flash 120 db siren
  • Sensitivity Level :Level 1 
  • Dimensions: 28.5*20*10.3(mm)

Materials ABS high-strength fire retardant materials 
Operating Voltage  DC12V ~ 15V
Working current  200mA 
Switching current  5mA 
Flash frequency arc tube  120 beats / min (± 10)
Alarm  Audible alarm 
Alarm indicator  Red LED flash 120 db siren 
Sensitivity Level  Level 1 
Dimensions  28.5*20*10.3(mm)

The electronic outdoor alarm siren is the strobe red horn with 12VDC 220VAC sirens sale.
The emergency alarm siren used with the alarm system from electronic strobe siren manufacturer.

1. The use of LED light tube and the excellent performance of the control circuit, super loudness siren speaker 
independent, intelligent resistance, two flash!

2. The use of high-strength fire retardant ABS material, SMT manufacturing process, containing a metal package, 
high stability, long life!

3. High brightness, sound big, stable - security, security, and long service life!

4. imported chips, micro-controller, 120dB alarm sound, two LED flash lights!

5. The use of the latter design, the machine has a burglar alarm burglar tamper devices, security, security!

6. The wiring design inserted row, directly connected to the power supply and host, uninterruptible power, 
24-hour patrols and alarm!

7. environmental adaptability, special moisture-proof design, red LED, high loudness siren sound and light alarm, 
the use of high efficiency!

8.  Scope: all the needs of local factories, warehouses, hospitals, schools, banks, office buildings, residential buildings, 
residential, automotive and other theft and alert.

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