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Access control systems are gradually entering the standardization trend

  • Author:Snoppy Huang
  • Source:SMQT
  • Release on:2016-06-03

 Access controller selection

     The central access controller access control system as a whole, works if you select the appropriate controller, not only can reduce the difficulty, save costs and extend the life of the whole system, and later maintenance it could be quite easy, so the project is particularly important for product selection. 

  Card reader optional

  Disable non-contact IC card (inductive IC card) reader is an important part of access control systems, is essential equipment for the signal input of the access control system, if the access control system as a person, reader is like the human eye, the relationship between the stability of the access control system as a whole. If an access control system controller and electric lock are good, if the quality of the card reader problem can also cause door will not open, project acceptance and use.Real imports reader technology is mature, product failure rates low, design a more beautiful and engaging. The disadvantages are: expensive, service is not made reader in time, and you must use the accessory brands of imported induction card, card is also more expensive imports. Unless the customer specifies the use of an imported brand of card readers, we recommend using homemade card reader, but be sure to choose quality domestic credit provided by manufacturers, card reader and service were good.

  Future development is still way up high, Xinhua

  Access control development is inseparable from the development of network and access control systems to cloud trends, biometric technology placement has become the norm, is gradually entering the standardization trend of access control systems.

  At the Security exhibition in Beijing in 2014, some businesses have launched cloud access management, product launch while clouds concept has a certain distance, but with the access control system networking technology upgrade, as long as the customer needs, draw the experience of Yunan anti-cloud access control systems will also be a new trend.

  With the evolution of the times, access control systems the direction towards virtualization and mobility. Short-range wireless communication (NFC) is a technology that applies to the access control system, close-range wireless communication standards at a distance of a few centimeters to the realization of data exchange between devices. NFC is also fully in line with ISO standards for management of contactless smart card, which is a notable feature of it an ideal platform. By using the mobile phone equipped with NFC technology with a portable credential card, then wirelessly by a reader reads, the user simply show the phone to open the door before the reader.

  With the use of NFC, people will be more interested in extending the application of the contactless card technology to building access control outside the field, further applied to the IT field on the authentication.

  Mobile access solutions is the ideal integration platform. With the use of NFC, people will be more interested in extending the application of the contactless card technology to building access control outside the field, further applied to the IT field on the authentication. Access control security team will begin to work more closely with the information security team. Mobile applications will generate a one-time dynamic password or receive by text message, cloud-based configuration model, send to phone from the air, this configuration mode eliminates the risk of voucher card are copied and issuing Scrip card, cancel lost or stolen voucher card, as well as monitoring and modifying security parameters when needed.

     This trend helps to improve the economic benefits of biometric patterns, it turns smart phone into a portable database to store templates, simplifies system start-up, supports unlimited number of users across multiple locations, the redundant wiring requirement needed to eliminate the template management. However, need plenty of cloud security data, the Smartphone can be used to log on to the network and application.

  "The Internet +" concept appeared, for access control system development is an opportunity, is the inevitable trend in the development of access control systems. Cloud computing, big data, Internet and traditional industry operations and more mature today, conventional access control systems with "Internet +" the East wind, with the technology of cloud computing, big data, and enables access to information and the cloud information matching store, query, and access information back, so that access to information integrity, traceability. Get rid of the bottleneck of server access and data processing, and realize the true meaning of "O2O" online and offline integration.


  With the access control application area expansion, not only confined to the security access control systems, not the application needs of the industry is dominated, future access control may be linked with the print, photocopy and other Office of personnel management module, and access to the Internet, mobile communications, Office integration, a major focus will be the future of access control systems.